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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunshine Is A Wonderful Thing

A beautiful sunny day—a little cool—but sunshine all day!  Michael worked hard on his road remodeling job and got the area around the house and garage looking very nice today.

I spent the day getting ready for our dinner party tonight.  We feasted!—Pecan Chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese, orange marmalade glazed carrots and asparagus.  For dessert I had made a chocolate swirl cheesecake and did I remember to take photos of anything, nope! 

It was good to see Jill, Terry, Steve and Jeane.  We always enjoy the company of these two couples who have been Michael’s friends forever and mine since I came here. 

Jill brought me some “spring” tonight.  Our friend Kelli and her daughter Bonnie have recently opened a small greenhouse and their opening day was today.  Jill stopped in and picked out a basket of colorful, springy flowers.  I think I will keep the basket inside for a while considering our weather!  Jill also contributed some really great appetizers to our dinner, too—cheeses with crackers and a corn and black bean dip that was so good I could have eaten the entire bowl!  Must be all the cold weather making me hungry, you think??

Jeane and Steve brought us another bottle of that really good wine we enjoyed this winter.  The original bottle was a gift from George and Shirley and we shared it with Jeanie and Ray down in Arizona.  It was just as good as we remembered! 

Tomorrow is Easter, may we all remember the reason we celebrate and give thanks.


  1. Your dinner sounds wonderful! And I think the sunshine is exactly what you needed.
    Happy Easter - I hope the sun shines tomorrow.

  2. Happy Easter to you...and I do know why I celebrate! Sounds like a yummy dinner.

  3. Happy Easter to you and Mike!..may you have a beautiful Sunday!..
    dinner sounded like it was delicious!!!

  4. What a wonderful dinner to share with friends. Happy Easter to you and your family. Hopefully more sunshine in your near future.


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