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Sunday, April 10, 2011

We Have Sunshine

A cold nasty wind but with sunshine!  Some of the mud left today and things started drying out.

Michael repaired his broken air compressor, discovered the little sports car wouldn’t start--dead battery (that makes three batteries we need now, the diesel needs two) and started taking down some fencing in preparation for remodeling our yard area.

I attempted to start unpacking the quilt studio but something kept coming up.  Nat has a really bad cold so I felt I needed to go into town and check on him.  I whipped up some of his favorite cookies and some soup and took off.  Spent a hour or so with him visiting and he is actually feeling and looking better.

Stopped at Barb’s and picked up a quilt she wants me to longarm for her—it will be an easy one, she has it pinned to the zippers and a large portion all ready quilted.  It is a fourth of July quilt, lots of red, white and blue—Barb wanted feathers in the white parts and didn’t feel confident enough to quilt those so I will do that for her.  Last fall at the quilt retreat all the ladies got their names on a list, lining up for longarm quilting services when I returned this spring.  Started on that list today—ladies, do you know where you fall on the list—are your quilts ready??

Take that We can hear the sandhill cranes all around us, this is a photo I took last year—this couple was doing a fine mating dance!

My dear husband is really good about providing me with blog material.  As I was mixing cookies in my handy Kitchen Aid heavy duty mixer todayIMG_6718 I remarked, “this mixer is another thing I miss when going south.”  My dear husband says to me, “well if you only took three pair of shoes instead of dozens, you could take your mixer.”  I considered throwing the mixer at him but it is too heavy!  Hey, a girl can’t have too many pairs of shoes, especially flip flops!

Life is good!


  1. You'd need to take a heck of a lot of flip-flops to make up for that mixer!!!

  2. Chilly here as well - sunshine melting some of the 12+ inches of new snow - quilters coming with quilts - and I also missed my Kitchen Aid. Life is good here as well!

  3. Seems we have one like that and a ton of shoes too. But then I don't have many tools along, can't use them

  4. Hard to believe the cranes are that far north already! Their spring dance is wonderful...

  5. a girl can never have to many shoes..or flipflops..and heck you can always buy cookies!!

  6. I don't leave home with out my Kitchen Aid and I seem to have lots of shoes too lol

    Take Care

  7. Okay -I know nothing about quilting but the phrase "to longarm" really has me curious as what that means. I must admit,I loved my heavy duty Kitchen Aid mixer when we had a stix and bricks. But give up shoes -not so sure about that.

    Glad to hear Nat is feeling better.

  8. Mike is a very wise man. Foolish to say such a thing, but wise never the less.

  9. I always make room for all the cooking stuff Ms Pat wants to take along. In the long run it usually seems to benefit me...I like to eat. :-)

  10. In principle I am with your husband. Something in, something of equal weight out. I say in principle because I do not seem to be able to enforce that rule in our motorhome :(


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