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Thursday, April 7, 2011

We Are Home

We arrived home on Tuesday after a totally uneventful travel day on Monday. We pulled into Southside RV Park in Dillon, MT just after 8pm Monday night and the lady at the desk said, “oh, it’s after 8pm, you only have to pay $25.”  OK, I can live with that!  This is one of the few RV parks we can tolerate probably because we are always staying only one night on our way one direction or another.   Even though it is a very small family owned park it is one of the few parks we have ever been in that recognizes what you mean when you say “big rig.”  The site we were given gave us room to spare for our 65 feet in length. 

Parked next to us was a huge tandem axle Monaco motorhome, one of Al and Kelly’s Ontario neighbors and around the corner were all the Alberta folks, five fifth wheels.  When we stopped at the quilt shop in Whitehall, the owner said Monday’s sales were to one Canadian lady after another!  It’s a mass exodus of snowbirds heading north!

And while checking us in the owner mentioned, “Pizza Hut delivers here to the park.”  Music to my ears!  I will never forget the incredulous look on my dear husband’s face many years ago when we pulled into a RV park somewhere and the desk clerk told him he could get pizza delivered.  My country raised cowboy had never heard of such a thing!  He needs to get out more, doesn’t he.

It was a pleasure to pull into our little town about noon Tuesday, Emmi was very glad to see Granddad and he was very glad to see her!  We all went to lunch and visited, running into many acquaintances and friends of course!  The weather was looking a little iffy up our way so we said our goodbyes to Nat, picked up our income tax return at the accountants and headed up the Boulder. 

Got that big old motorhome all the way to the back door—a little muddy but parked beside the house so we could unload easier.  We made a huge dent in the unloading process, cooked supper and took a walk. 

Our only coming home glitch was I forgot to call the telephone company in time to have our DSL service reactivated for Tuesday, was promised service by Wednesday morning and here it is Thursday and our DSL was just restored.  The local telephone co-op was having trouble deciding which hand to use the left or the right! 

It is really, really nice to be home in our log cabin by the creek.  Very little snow around the house but big drifts in the coulees. 

Went to Billings Wednesday—my hairdresser had a cancellation and I took it!  It was a sunny day and not only did I get my hair done but we replenished the pantry and got sticker shock when we checked out at Costco.  I did purchase a couple bigger ticket items, one of them being an external hard drive.

Today, way too early this morning, it was back to Billings again (remember this is a 200 mile round trip) with Nat—he had a dermatologist appointment with a Billings Clinic doctor.  The guy performed SEVEN biopsies on Nat’s face and ears and is fairly certain he will have to have at least two MOHS procedures pending biopsy results.  We made a quick stop at Sam’s Club and came home.

Weather is its usual crummy self for April in Montana, rain/snow all day, the snow is starting to stick as I write this.  Michael finished unloading the motorhome and our house looks as if a bomb went off—stuff everywhere, but there is always tomorrow!


  1. We visit a dermatologist every six months at the Billings Clinic for Jim. He always comes out looking like he lost the battle with red spots all over his face. All those years of fishing without sunblock.

    Sure glad you're there safe and sound. Hopefully, most of the MT winter is over and spring will be nice to you.

  2. Back to hot, long showers, beds that don't rock and all kinds of nice things. It always feels good to get back home, dreaming of the next big trip.
    Welcome home!

  3. Congrats on a safe trip home! Yuck for the snow, though!

  4. Yep, know what you mean by a big bomb going off in the house. We are still picking up pieces of that big explosion about a week & a half ago. Welcome home....great feeling eh:))

    Now ya got me thinking of Pizza!!

  5. glad to see you posting again we were getting a bit worried about you two.

    Take Care

  6. welcome home Janna, Mike and Emmi!!..welcome home!!

  7. Glad your home safely.... Now you got all that work to do that us homeowners have! Enjoy

  8. Sorry to hear about the snow but love the pictures of your kitchen. I am looking for ideas for our cabin in Custer and I like your floor plan. Parts of it might work with our floor plan. I know you're glad to be home again...until next Fall.:-) Hugs...


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