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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Downtown Boondocking

Would you believe the Clarks are boondocked on a Moab, UT city street for the night??  I really can’t believe it either!  At the end of this dead end street there is a walking path that goes for miles all over the town so it really isn’t so bad.  The spot we had picked for boondocking was about 1/2 mile of dirt road and it rained and snowed here this morning.  As we are leaving in the morning we made the decision to not get the rig filthy. 

We left Cortez, CO right around 9am with a very nasty, cool west wind blowing us sideways.  Almost to Moab we hit rain and snow—see, I knew it was too early to go home!

Once we got settled into our spot we drove out to Arches National Park—I am starting to see why fulltimers don’t sightsee all the time—you just get brain overload and really don’t want to go look at another scenic or historic place.  That’s the way I was about Arches and I know it is a beautiful place but today I just wasn’t in the mood plus we had Emmi with us.  As with all national parks Arches has the stupid rule that dogs cannot be with you on the trails and I’m not leaving her in the jeep for any length of time.  So, no hiking for us, all the formations were viewed from the jeep or overlooks—still it was beautiful and I got some great photos.

IMG_6629 IMG_6645 IMG_6653



We are heading north toward home—probably not too smart but off we go.


  1. In spite of the hinderance of rules, you managed to take some spectacular pictures! Wow!


  2. Been to Moab & the Arches a couple times & really liked the area but your right, sometimes you just gotta be in the right mood to appreciate things. That has happened to me too. I find the best time for me to see things is when we are on our way to the west or in the west & not on the way home. I seem to get myself in a hurry sometimes. Safe trip & take it cool:))

  3. I know just what you mean. I burned out really bad last year and it has taken me several months to even want to think about sight seeing again. But the urge is slowly returning and I am looking forward to our journey back to MT. Museums I may not be able to handle yet though.

    Love the pictures of Arches. We won't be there for about a month yet so I'm hoping the weather is a whole lot nicer to us.

  4. You should have stayed down here with us :-) ... it's been pretty warm around here but we are lucky... our house, especially the front porch, is always cool. Have a safe trip home.

  5. Haha, I know where your coming from. I think I have been on Brain Overload for about 5-6 years now. Gets tiresome playing tourist. All I really want to see anymore is AZ and SD.
    You'll be in Wyo soon and that's the middle of nowhere. That's why I love it.....Travel safe !!

  6. Get the plow mounted on the Coach and leave a well marked trail for us we are heading north in about 10 days.

  7. Egad! I think it's too early for you to head home the log cabin! :)

  8. well if those are 'jeep shots' I can just imagine how good they would have been if you had ventured out onto the trails!..darn rules!..nice photos today, Janna!..thanks for sharing!.drive safely as you head closer to home!

  9. I kinda understand why the parks prohibit dogs, but I REALLY don't like that rule. Unfortunately, it's not usually the dogs that are the cause of problems - usually it's irresponsible owners. But, all that aside, you took some great pictures. Guess that's the way we'll be viewing some national parks too cuz I won't leave my dogs locked in the car either. Have a safe journey.

  10. Beautiful pics. We took our first fulltime trip last summer, putting almost 10,000 mi on our MH in 4 mos -- talk about brain overload! God bless & be safe!

  11. We visited the Arches last year and it is a stunning place. Your pics brought back a lot of great memories of our few days there.


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