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Friday, April 8, 2011

What I Miss

IMG_6690 Well, I sure don’t miss this when we are gone for the winter.  Woke to about 5 inches of new snow this morning—it has snowed all day but was so warm most of what fell melted.

IMG_6688 We miss our Wilcoxson’s ice cream, only available in Montana.  Even the low fat version is good!

And one of the things I really miss while we are down south isIMG_6694 my kitchen—counter space, oven, lots of running water, lots of hot water and my dishwasher.  I love to cook and cooking in a RV kitchen just doesn’t cut it sometimes!

Since being home we have enjoyed long hot baths and showers, our big king size bed and our comfortable chairs.  And really fast DSL internet! 

We spent the day spring cleaning and putting stuff away.  Took a couple walks with the Emmi girl and that’s about it for our day here at home.


  1. I really like your kitchen. No wonder you missed it. But I guess the weather compensates for a lot of things.

  2. I understand how you feel. Spending a lot of time at our daughter's house as gotten us use to long, hot and good pressure showers. And yes WI-_FI, Netflix, and TIVO are also nice. Still we are looking forward to heading down the road again.

  3. Yep, I know about 'missing' all that stuff alright:))

  4. What I miss the most on the road is having a vegetable garden and fresh tomatoes. I think I'll be in Indiana long enough this summer to maybe plant a few tomatoes.

    I sure don't miss the snow, either! :)

  5. I agree with you on those comforts of coming home after RV'ing for several months. We're looking forward to the same thing - only NO SNOW!!!

  6. Is winter EVER going to give it up this year? Sometimes I wonder... We've only been gone for 5 days and I already miss my recliner. I usually sleep about half the night in it so trying to get comfortable in bed for a whole night is a challenge. But, adventure awaits!

    Your kitchen looks wonderful - I'm jealous!!

  7. what a beautiful kitchen you have!..I can see why you miss it!..but then again there is the peace and quiet in the everything has it's good points!....hope spring will be in your neighbourhood soon!

  8. We love Wilcoxson's ice cream. Always on our list to have when we get back to MT.

  9. Me too !! Exactly my feelings....
    Your kitchen looks wonderful.


  10. I left you a comment about your kitchen but I just noticed I left it on the wrong Blog post. :-) Anyhow, I love your kitchen. Hugs...


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