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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kind Of Boring Around Here

Snow again, just a little, but a bitter cold wind to go with it.  I guess we can’t be greedy, we had three days of sunshine! 

I made chicken fettuccine for lunch and so Michael will have leftovers while I am gone to the quilt retreat this weekend.  We leave on Thursday and I can’t wait!  Started packing some of my projects today.

This afternoon we drove over to Bozeman to look at a couple used vehicles.  Made an offer on one but the owner thinks his car is worth more than we do—maybe he will change his mind, who knows.

Miss Emmi got to go along for the ride—she was a happy girl. 

And that is it for our day, like the title says, kind of boring.

IMG_6813 Took this photo the other day, we don’t look quite this snowy right now.


  1. nothing wrong with a boring day once in a while!!!..hope you have a ton of fun at the retreat!

  2. Doesn't sound boring to me - spent the day making a list for customs for claiming tomorrow - spent too much on quilting fabric - yikes! I wish I was coming to a quilt retreat!

  3. I've learned to appreciate those "boring" days. Unless I get too many of them in a row. Then I get grumpy. But with your retreat to look forward to, no grumpy for you. Have a great time.

  4. Oh, please come see us next time you are in Bozeman.

  5. It may not be fun and exciting, but boring is still better than panic and confusion :)

  6. I kind of agree with your readers. I like boring especially right now. I haven't had a boring day in quite sometime. Been way too busy. It's funny I forgot how much time it takes to work.LOL Love and Miss Y'all
    Rollie & Gina


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