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Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Did I Do Today?

The days just fly by and at the end I have to ask myself, “what did I do today?”  And I guess I did something—I cooked lunch and oatmeal/chocolate chip/pecan cookies for Nat.  I also made a new coffeecake that is just delicious—I was going to take some of the cake out to my friend Gemma’s and have coffee with she and her Mom but found out Gemma is in IL at a wedding.  Oh, well, more calories for Mike and I to eat!

Last night when I loaded wood into the stove downstairs I got a face full of wood smoke.  At 5am this morning I started sneezing, sneezing and sneezing some more.  Took half a benadryl and of course that made me sleepy so Michael and Emmi went on a walk and I went back to bed for a couple of hours. 

Snowy sunset

Snowy View

And that’s all for our day here in snowy Montana!


  1. I want some of those cookies, they are my favorites. I love the picture with sun on the mountain.

  2. sounds like a perfect day!!!..I can smell the cookies all the way up here!!!


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