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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Travel Day

With sadness we pulled out of Danny and Ann’s driveway this morning and traveled less than 300 miles in 6 hours.  We went through little towns with names such as Dry Prong and landed at the Paragon Casino and Resort in Marksville, LA about 2:30pm.  Our full hookup site with Passport America is $9.61 per night—concrete, level pad, cable TV and full hookups—can’t beat that deal!

I walked the dog while Michael chatted with our neighbor until the neighbor’s wife came out and said, “get in here, you know how mad you get when someone tries to talk to you while you are setting up!”  Michael and I got quite the chuckle out of that!

There is a beautiful golf course attached to this resort—the course was closed today and Emmi and I walked back across the course—at the beginning was the driving range and there were many golf balls out there.  I am sorry to report, we have a thieving dog—she grabbed a golf ball and carried it in her mouth all the way back to the RV.  She is very, very proud of her find!

There is a 24 hour a day shuttle which when called will pick you up at your RV site and deliver you to the casino.  We took advantage of the shuttle and had dinner in the casino—it was nothing to write home about and certainly not up to the caliber of food we ate at Danny and Ann’s but at least I didn’t have to cook!  What happened to $5 casino meals??  Our buffet meal was $15 each!  We left less than $5 in the slot machines before calling it a night.

Michael got the later dog walking duty and I got writing the blog duty.

Tomorrow we will be at the home of our dear friends Gina and Rollie—we can’t wait!


  1. what a hoot your neighbours are!! for the thieving dog..Tucker stole a piece of firewood one time from someone's wood pile!!..I guess it is just a 'dog thing'!!

  2. Say hello to Rollie and Gina for us and I am sure you will have a great time there.

  3. That was sure expensive for a casino. The inexpensive camping made up for it though. Have a good trip.

  4. So, will you be taking I-10 West when you leave Rollie and Gina's? I can offer you a free stop with hookups for the night at Anahuac on your way. :)

  5. Travel safe and enjoy your trip tomorrow!

  6. Any chance you will be stopping in Benson AZ? We'd love to have some time to visit with you!
    Doug, JoAnn & Fillmore

  7. Glad to see you will be with Rollie & Gina soon. They are such a nice couple. Rigg's is renowned for being a stealer,TV remotes, socks, Donna's underwear from the hamper, wood of any kind, anything he can do for attention.Glad to see you guys are heading to warmer climes. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  8. Although it's sad to leave all that family fun and laughter behind, the adventure continues and you are on the road! Will be exciting to follow your next places to travel----

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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