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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Maybe We Know

Another rainy day in Billings although when I took Emmi out for an early morning walk both the dog and I slipped and slid around a few blocks, the streets and sidewalks were extremely icy. 

So, the rheumatologist is almost certain Michael has rheumatoid arthritis and almost certain he does not have gout—so do we know or do we not??  To be serious, the doctor did aspirate one of Michael’s hand joints and there were no uric acid crystals which is usually a clear indication gout is not present.  Michael’s MRI showed he has “erosions” of significant size in many of his hand and wrist joints and one of the causes of these “erosions” is rheumatoid arthritis.  We are glad a diagnosis even if it is a tentative one has been made—tentative depending on whether the medications help. 

One more doctor’s appointment tomorrow and then Michael says he hopes doctor’s are not on his appointment calendar for a while!

Got all my gray covered up this afternoon and about 1pm tomorrow we hope this rig is heading for warmer country.  Weather any direction we may head is not the best but we will cope! 

Thank you all again for your prayers and thoughts about Michael, we appreciate it beyond words!


  1. I hope the meds work and that you fond some warmer weather.

  2. safe travels as you try and find some warm weather!!!

  3. It will be great to get a definitive diagnosis at least then some effective treatment can be started.

  4. At least now you know what you are dealing with & just what the enemy is. Knowing your enemy is a big step forward in dealing with & managing that rheumatoid arthritis. How unfortunate for it to strike someone as active as Mike. Hopefully, medications will help in dealing with the arthritis. I wonder if the dryer Arizona air will help. Safe travels through the unpredictable weather on your way south.

  5. So sorry to hear that Mike has RA - I was afraid of that knowing his symptoms and the malaria medication. I was diagnosed with it in 2007. It will be a rough road ahead, but he can be thankful for today's mediciation which can give some relief. There is no cure unfortunately. Most people associate it with osteoarthritis, but RA is an auto-immune disease that affects much more than the joints. I was on MTX and Plaquenil for 3 years until it quit working - will begin Enbrel soon.


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