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Friday, December 3, 2010

We Were Short On Snow

NOT!  We got less than the 10 inches some were predicting and more than the 2 inches others were predicting, about 6-7 inches of fluffy, wet snow.  It stuck to poor Emmi like glue on our walk this morning.Emmi in the snow2 She doesn’t seem to mind.

More snow

This time of year our UPS man Bill is a busy dude!  At least now UPS has provided him with a 4-wheel drive vehicle.  He can at least get up our driveway and many other driveways in his delivery area.  The previous UPS normal panel trucks had to be chained up before navigating these steep driveways.  To make it easy on him, too, we unlock the door to the big barn down near the road and have told him to leave packages there if the driveway is too nasty. 

I hope to sleep like a baby tonight, my new pillows came today via Shirley.  Some Santa presents came in the mail, too.  I love this time of year!

I loaded Jill’s quilt onto the frame and came close to finishing it and would have if I had not had to do battle with insurance companies.  I thought I was the customer but the way the woman in Pennsylvania was talking to me maybe I was just a bum!  Yes, can anyone tell me why BCBS of MT claims are processed in Pennsylvania???? 

Michael and Emmi puttered today, it was a good day for puttering!  Michael accomplished a little, Emmi destroyed a little!

LoraLee was given a Kindle by her boss—she hasn’t used it and offered it to me for the winter.  Because we are no where near an AT&T cell tower, I had to download the book from Amazon through my computer then onto the Kindle.  I was successful with only ONE call to the Kindle store.  How cool is that??!!

Snow again


  1. You will love the Kindle. There are lots of free books. I can imagine it would be great for those days when you can't get out. No snow here yet, but much colder this weekend in W. Ky. Love the snow pictures.

    B Hart

  2. I think those snow pictures are some of your best! They are lovely! I can say that since I'm viewing them from afar. :) Wouldn't want to be there....

  3. Looks like a Winter Wonderland, but I'm just not ready for all that white stuff yet. Nebraska will get our share soon enough.

  4. just another day in your winterwonderland!..great snow shots the one of Emmi covered in snowballs!!

  5. Great snow pics - a real winter wonderland!

  6. oh Janna you guys are really getting hit with the white stuff. Only a few more day and you will be on your way.

    Take Care and keep warm


  7. Emmi looks so cute in her warm coat. Gorgeous photos!


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