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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday On Barnes Hill

As a family we have always joked and called our little spot in the country in Arkansas, Barnes Hill.  Our family name is Barnes and my sister is married to a Hill—thus the name Barnes Hill.  I am the only immediate family member not living right on or near the farm my father’s parents owned.  It was a typical Sunday on Barnes Hill—church and way too much to eat. 

The choir did a wonderful job with the Christmas cantata, my cousin Mary Ellen was the narrator (see I told you we have lots of family around) and tonight we went back to church as the children performed their Christmas program.  The kids were a delight, just adorable—one of the things that make Christmas special. 

I love being home for Christmas with my family and I love that my husband is comfortable here and enjoys my family also.  It does help that his mother in law provides him with plenty of cherry cheesecake pies!

We did get the internet working better this afternoon so I will attempt to post a few photos from our trip and from today. 

McGee Creek State Park site McGee Creek State Park

JB left a comment stating he wanted to travel in front of us so Michael would come long behind and repair JB and Brenda’s rig when or if it breaks down.  Michael wants JB to know it would be a pleasure to travel in the company of someone who is ingenious enough to tie their roof on with crank straps after the wind blows the roof off!!!

Danny and the children Danny (brother in law) reading a Bible story to the children.   Leah the angelElizabeth the angel

Leah and Elizabeth, my niece’s little angels????


  1. Enjoy your Christmas with the family - it sounds wonderful!

  2. Sounds like a great day. Having a couple of little angels in the group is always a plus!

  3. It's a deal I will look after keeping the roof on and Mike can look after keeping it

  4. nothing like being home on the 'hill' for Christmas!..enjoy!!

  5. I can tell you are going to have a great Christmas at home with your family!

  6. Look's like you are surrounded by Ange's, Have a great time with Family for the holidays. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. Those angels are just TOO PRECIOUS~!!

    Karen and Steve
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