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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Several years ago our Federal government and many do good wildlife/conservation organizations decided Montana, Wyoming and Idaho needed wolves.  At a cost of millions of dollars (which our government does not have) wolves were reintroduced in spite of intense opposition from ranchers and hunters.  Our neighbors and friends have lost calves, llamas and dogs to these vicious animals.  We have had friends whose horses were attacked in a corral.  We got out of the cattle business due to the reintroduction of these horrible, vicious creatures.  And, don’t tell me these animals aren’t vicious--wolf kill Standard e-mail view This man is standing over poor Fred—a 14 year old wonderful cow dog belonging to our son Lonnie.  The building below the barn is their house—the dogs were let out of the garage this morning early and the wolves attacked.  Fred’s face was torn beyond recognition and his back was broken from the bite where this vet’s hand is located.  wolf kill2 Standard e-mail view

Fred was at the end of his life, he had worked hard all his life and he did not deserve to die like this because some tree hugging wildlife conservation idiot decides that more precious wolves needed to be in placed in Yellowstone National Park.  Well, then build a fence around the Park and keep your wolves there, we don’t want them. 


  1. Truly a sad day & not a fitting end for an old friend.

  2. I'm so sorry for your family. What a horrible thing to happen. And Lonnie's dog won't be the last if that wolf stays in the area. Such a sad day. Your son must be devastated.

  3. what a horrific way for the poor poochie to die!..absolutely devastating!..

  4. Oh so sad. This is just plain awful and we can lay the blame on those who would rather lose lives (people, pets, livestock) than exercise common sense. They are the same people who think mountain lions are sweet furry critters and not the threat that they are.


  5. To Mr. Anonymous who can talk big but doesn't have enough guts to sign his own posts, go post on some other blog.

  6. I'll just bet Mr. Anonymous wouldn't be so enthusiastic about wolves if someone he loved had been killed by one.

    Sorry about your son's dog. If he has children remind him to keep a close watch...

    Debbie Keller

  7. Yes, the wolf population has exploded here in Wisconsin too. Our neighbors were walking with their grandchild have had one come out and glower at them just up the road from us. I have seen a pair feasting on a dead deer on the side of the road just around the corner from my house. They are not scared of people in the least and have gotten too acclimated to our rural residences. They haven't been native to Wisconsin in over 50 years, but now they are everywhere. Increasing by 200+ every year according to the DNR reports. Not only livestock, but our deer population is dwindling due in part to them being in overabundance.

    Karen and Steve
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  8. How very sad for the loss of Fred. What a horrible death of a beloved friend and family member.

  9. I'm sorry poor Fred's life ended the way it did. Wolves were eradicated for a reason. My son is crazy about them, or is he just crazy? I think he'd change his tune if one of his dogs was viciously killed this way.

    A few years back a few wolves suddenly showed up here in our part of NE Nebraska. At first reports of sightings I thought it was just nonsense then my husband saw them for himself, as did other reliable people. Needless to say they didn't make it into their second winter. Around here the "three S" rule abides. You know, shoot, shovel, shut-up. Or in the case of animals who may have been introduced and might be carrying a chip in their tail...cut of the tail & throw it in the nearest creek so it keeps moving. Game & Parks denied the presence of a breeding population of mountain lions in Nebraska for years as well, against all evidence to the contrary, but finally had to admit it this summer. For now there are more than enough deer to support them, but what happens when there aren't? We all know the answer to that.

  10. So sad and terrible. Here in Arkansas when animals cause farmers to lose crops or livestock (which cost money) those animals are called nuisance animals and we eliminate a nuisance. My guess is that the wildlife conservation activist are not repaying the farmers for the livestock their precious wolfs are killing.

    RIP Fred


  11. I don't know if wolves are protected in Montana but I would keep my deer rifle by the back door when Rigg's and Sadie were out and I would not hesitate to shoot on sight any wolve that got close, They are Predator's for crying out loud, not zoo animals to watch and enjoy, they could kill a child just a fast as that poor dog.You guys don't need that around your homes. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  12. This breaks my heart! I'm truly sorry for your loss. RIP dear Fred...

  13. I have never understood the logic of reestablishing the wolves. I think it is most likely another of those academic wildlife decisions not based on any real experience but rather politically correct assumptions. We all can see how this is working out for our country.

    What a terrible end for a faithful animal.


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