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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Long Travel Day

No one knocked on our door and told us to leave our quiet little spot last night—we both slept extremely well!  We were rolling before 6:30am leaving Rapid City behind.  We drove until almost 7pm again which is way too long but just couldn’t find the right spot to light for the night.  We are parked in a roadside park outside Dodge City, KS which allows overnighting but it is located at the intersection of two busy highways—we may not sleep much tonight! 

Only had about 30 miles of iffy roads all day.  I even drove for a couple of hours.Roads like this

We bought fuel at $3.29/gallon, thank goodness our tank was only half empty!

The little towns we drove through today in Nebraska and Kansas were decorated for Christmas beautifully.  The last one before Dodge City was Jerome, KS right at dusk—gorgeous decorations and the most unusual, old street lights.  I would love to know more of the history of Jerome—many of the houses were all decked out in Christmas lights, too. 

Now, Michael is tired, ready to just sit and what happens—the Fan-tastic fan in the bathroom develops a mind of its own opening and closing at will.  Nothing we do to the controls changes anything—it is possessed.  So, poor Michael is in the bathroom working on the fan, GRRRR!!!


  1. Glad you are leaving that snow behind, although I do really like it in your pictures.

    Travel safe and we will see you in the desert.

  2. oh No, sorry to hear that you have a possessed fan, that is not good. Get some much needed rest you two, and drive careful.

    Take Care

  3. That was a long day. Hope all will go well and no other things will break. Good thing you slept well last night. Good luck with the weather.

  4. soon you will be in the land of sunshine!! safe!!

  5. You weren't too far from our summer home in Custer,SD. Rapid City is where we do our shopping. There's a Cabela's just a block or so from the Visitor Center where you stayed.
    Hope you had a good night in Dodge City...we've spent a few nights there but we stayed in a campground while we were playing tourists.
    We'll stay tuned to see where you end up tonight. Travel safe....

  6. My automatic steps took on a life of their own for a while, too. Good luck with that gremlin! :)

  7. Hope by now he got the fan figured out, or pulled the fuse? It sure isn't good to have all your heat going out the roof! ack!

    Karen and Steve
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