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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Clean Motorhome, Clean Dog

My sister’s grandchildren Leah and Elizabeth spent the night with their Granny and insisted on accompanying us on the morning walk.  I think Granny had warned them, “no whining,” and they both actually did pretty good.  I didn’t lose any credit cards on the walk today, either. 

The walking gang Granny and Leah

After the walk Michael got started washing the motorhome and I washed the dog.  Made the motorhome look so much better!  He also installed the amplifier we bought yesterday so we can listen to Christmas music.

Ann and Danny fixed steaks on the grill, baked potatoes and salad for our late lunch.  I managed to get another load of clothes washed and then Michael and I headed off to look at a trailer to pull behind the motorhome.  Whoa—that was one long trailer and we decided against that one! 

Spent the evening visiting before coming over to our house to just chill.  Have been having problems with our Verizon air card and think it is just poor signal—I was able to use the air card in town with no problems but out here in the country it just doesn’t work well.


  1. Now that is a good day, no lost cards and a clean dog and motorhome.

    Maybe I will suggest to my kids that at least they could take care of the motorhome and dog for me as a Christmas gift :)

  2. The pictures of your walk looked great! Nice clean MH and dog - you're all set for Christmas now.

  3. nothing like a clean 'house'!!.enjoy!!

  4. Glad you arrived safely and enjoying your visit. Hope to hear from you...would love to meet you.


  5. I like the no whining rule, that's the house rule here when all the kid's spend the weekend. It amazes us that they can get along if they know ahead of time whining isn't allowed, looks like you guys had a great walk, too. Hope you are enjoying your holiday's. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


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