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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Billings Was Busy

Leaving Emmi with Nat we headed on to Billings—Michael’s MRI was the first stop.  He was only having a MRI of his hands and wrists but it would still take 2 hours we were told.  So off I went by myself to run some of our multiple errands for the day. 

A whirlwind 2 hours but I got a lot accomplished—picked up hair products, contact lenses, a Santa gift my sweet niece couldn’t find in AR, gift cards at the mall for Nat, dog food for Emmi and a Santa present for my sweet husband.  I was moving to say the least. 

The only thing that slowed me down was all the ice everywhere, the main streets are mostly clear and so are the driving lanes in parking lots but the parking spaces are skating rinks!  It is kind of hard to stand up with a 25 pound sack of dog food in your arms, juggle the keys to get the door open and all this without sliding down on the ice!

Got back just in time to pick up Michael and we were off to Famous Dave’s for lunch. 

Big R, Costco and Wal Mart rounded out our busy day.  My new glasses were ready at Costco and I really like them—can see better, too. 

Stopped in town to retrieve Emmi, had a beer with Nat and came up the Boulder.  Unloaded all the loot and we were standing in the kitchen when I realized Emmi wasn’t around.  She had been in and out while we were unloading the Jeep but wasn’t in the house now.  I went outside, called and called, went out to the garage to make sure she hadn’t followed Michael out there, no Emmi—by this time I am in a panic.  Michael started going through the house calling her, we keep our guest bedroom door closed all the time.  I had gone in that bedroom to put some Christmas presents on the bed—Emmi had followed me in there and I shut the door on her, not knowing she was there.  Oh, my, was I ever glad to see one little black dog!  She got lots of hugs and kisses!

One week from tomorrow we are heading down the road, YIPPEE!


  1. I am always the first one to hit the panic button if & when one of our guys goes missing for a few minutes. I am not one to 'assume' they will be just fine. Accidents or unfortunate incidents can happen in the twinkling of an eye & I never take anything for granted when it comes to the safey of our doggy guys.

  2. I can understand the panic. One of my current bad news scenarios is to have to tell our daughter that we misplaced her dog that has been in our care since mid Aug.

  3. Like Al says, it is a scary for a bit when a pup disappears. We've locked our in the laundry room a few times and it's sure scary trying to find them.

    You had a very busy day and got a lot accomplished.

  4. glad you found emmi safe and sound..let the countdown begin!!!

  5. Good morning Janna....thanks for the comment on our Blog. We'll find out the results of the Blood tests on Monday. We're off to see Mike's Oncologist in Scottsdale today.
    I know you guys are getting excited about heading for warmer weather. The temps here in Congress are lows in the 40's and highs in the 70's. PERFECT WEATHER!!
    I lost MegaByte the other day, too. I accidentally closed her in the closet. :-)
    Safe Travels and if you get close to North Ranch, please stop by. Hugs....

  6. One more week. You must be getting excited. it is not that warm here in Louisiana but it sure is a lot warmer than where you are. I had to break down the other day and put some socks and shoes on --damn.

    Take Care


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