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Monday, December 13, 2010

We Are On Our Way

Another strange weather day for December in Montana, 52 degrees and melting snow water running everywhere!  Our gravel road is maintained by the platinum mine located 10 miles above us—magnesium chloride dust suppression is applied year round—when the road is wet the magnesium chloride sticks to your vehicles like cement.  Michael was really concerned about the under carriage of the motorhome and did not want to drive it over the road when wet.  So, just before 8am while the road was still semi frozen we took the motorhome out to the highway.  Then came back home, gathered some more stuff and shut the house down for the winter. 

We went out to Nat’s, filled the water tank and visited with him for a while.  Went back into town and filled the propane tank and headed down the road.

Arrived in Billings during a rainstorm of all things in December and found a spot in the parking lot of St. Vincent Healthcare.  Billings still has HUGE piles of dirty snow everywhere but the streets are clear. 

Michael has a doctor’s appointment in the morning with the rheumatologist who hopefully will have some answers.

My little Canon point and shoot camera does not take good photos inside at night so none of the photos I took at Jeane and Steve’s turned out with the exception of this one:

Jeane Jill & Gemma From the left, Jeane, Jill and Gemma.


  1. Better rain than snow...hope everything goes well with Michael's doc visit so you can be on your way with no worries. Travel safe, we'll see you soon!

    Hugs to you and Michael, pets for Emmi.

  2. Good to see you made it out and are on your way! Hope Michael's doctor appointment goes well in the morning!

  3. on your way finally!!.how exciting..hope all went well at the doctor's!!

  4. Hope all goes well at the Doctor today, and drive safely


  5. Well, your finally on the road so let the good times roll. All the best for Mikes appointment & once you get past that it will be peddle to the metal time for the great American Southwest once again:))


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