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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Fun Day In Bozeman

When I first moved to this area with Michael I met two sets of his friends right off the bat—first Jill and then Jeane and Steve.  Jill and Jeane have over the years become the greatest of friends and I enjoy their company tremendously.  They welcomed this city girl into their cowgirl world with open arms.  I spent the day in Bozeman with them, shopping and having lunch. 

Downtown Bozeman Downtown Bozeman—there is usually a lot more snow in Bozeman than here as the elevation is higher—not this time, Bozeman has very little snow compared to what Big Timber received.  There are still HUGE piles of snow on the city streets in Big Timber where the plows just pushed all the snow—some of the piles are as big as Rollie’s truck!

Bozeman is a very touristy town and as a result has blocks and blocks of little fun shops and some great restaurants.  We had such a good time and I didn’t do too much damage to Michael’s wallet!  Found a stainless steel carafe for the motorhome and some cool Christmas presents. 

By the time we got back to Big Timber late this afternoon it had started to snow.  Maybe 2-4 inches we will get??

A tragedy happened here in Montana yesterday, a Montana state highway patrol officer was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop, may God be with his family, he was only 23 years old.  The last time a state trooper was shot in Montana was in 1978 and before that in 1946.  It just doesn’t happen here.  The man who shot the officer committed suicide. 

One of the neighboring ranches is owned by an elderly couple and Olaf is Norwegian—speaks with a heavy accent.  His wife’s name is Gladys—I would always see Olaf driving and Gladys opening the gates, even in the worst of weather, raging snowstorms, high winds, etc.  I asked Gladys one time, “why do you always ride as the passenger and have to get out and open the gates?”  Her reply, “because it is just easier to get out and open the gates than to listen to him complain about every bump and frozen cow patty I drive over.”  And, I cleaned up her language for the blog!  So, Al and Kelly, tell us why we see Kelly always opening and closing the gates!


  1. I got a chuckle out of the last half of your blog tonight! :)

  2. Back at you Janna. It was a wonderful and much needed girl day. Thanks for the friendship

  3. Don't you just love that Bozeman downtown and the fun shops? It doesn't look like there is much snow in town - we have a lot out here and more on the way. I think all of you east of Livingston got the heavy snow dump in the last big storm. I am glad you enjoyed your day!

  4. That last sentence was too funny. I wonder what Al has to say to that!

  5. Kelly & I divide up our chores equally. She is good at opening gates & I am good at taking the garbage out.

  6. I am the gate opener to Janna lol JB drives and I open gates that just the way it seems to work except for if we are riding our horses then he always gets down of his horse and opens the gate for me to ride through.

    Take Care

  7. That's a lot of snow Janna. Good thing it wasn't on the road.

    I guess we're even now.LOL I found a percolator before you could give me one. Now Mike found you a stainless steel carafe before I could give you one. Oh well, it's still nice to know we think of each other. We cannot wait to see y'all. Travel safe as you head south.

    Rollie & Gina


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