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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crossing That Big River

We didn’t have to check out of the casino RV park until noon so I took advantage of that time to do chores—vacuum, clean the bathroom, etc.  We pulled out shortly after noon and were at Gina and Rollie’s just after 2pm.

Michael has always joked that he really doesn’t see any need to ever cross that “big river” because way too many people live on the east side of the Mississippi.  He has only been east of the Mississippi once in his life.  Well, today he had to cross that “big river.”Crossing the Mississippi Going over the bridge in Baton Rouge.  Baton Rouge and the Mississippi So, now that we have that under our belts anything is possible???  The Outer Banks, Maine, Florida???  Who knows where the Clarks may end up!

It was so good to see Gina and Rollie and their home is just beautiful.  Gina made gumbo and cornbread for supper—I also sampled some of her “millionaires”—a caramel/pecan/chocolate candy that is to die for!  We met their son Thomas and his wife Ashley.  Nicole stopped by for supper, too. 

Emmi, Zoey and Angel are getting acquainted again fighting over laps and toys.  We are parked here in the driveway and Gina and Rollie have lots of plans for showing us their world—we can’t wait!


  1. Enjoy your good friends and lots of new world on the other side of that big river.

  2. Have fun on the east side of the big river!

  3. I know exactly how Mike feels about that Big River but I can make an exception to visit great friends. Besides it is only a few miles and I can be back on the other shore.

  4. have a great time with your friends!!!

  5. We're West sider's too, by about 40 miles. Glad to see you made it to Rollie & Gina's, I know you will have fun, Gina must be quite the cook, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  6. I'm with Mike all the way on this one. Unfortunately for us, we're stuck on the wrong side of the river:((

  7. Ohh have fun! Looking forward to seeing all the sights and adventures with ya

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. That picture of Mike makes me smile. He looks like a very uncomfortable Montana cowboy going into unknown territory. Have fun!!!

  9. Welcome to the East side of the Big River, which is where I have always hung my hat.

    However, I have to say you have really accomplished something when you arrive via that bridge and traffic in Baton Rouge ~ now that is quite an accomplishment.

  10. I also love meeting up with friends. Hope you find a nice place to spend time.


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