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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cowboy Goes To New Orleans

Well, we can say we have been to New Orleans and Michael loved it!  I’ve been several times over the years for business but this trip was a first for him.  Thank you so much Gina and Rollie for showing us the sights.  Michael loved the architecture and the oldness of the buildings still in use, the quirkiness of the city—even all the people didn’t faze him today—the cowboy walked around with his mouth hanging open.  We had an absolute ball! 

Gina and Rollie’s sweet daughter Nicole allowed us to use her car for the trip down—first stop was lunch at Jack Dempsey’s—a favorite of Rollie’s when he worked in New Orleans.  From the outside and inside it didn’t look like much but all our food was delicious.  And of course Gina and Rollie wouldn’t let us get the check!

Rollie then took us on a walking tour around the Quarter, Bourbon Street, Jackson Square—we both just looked and stared—we saw very strange people—people that just wouldn’t fit in in Montana!!!  A girl that used to be a guy directing traffic in a scarily short mini-skirt??!!!  People old and young everywhere—probably not the best time to be in New Orleans as it is New Year’s Eve tomorrow night and the Sugar Bowl is being held just after the New Year.  But it just added to New Orleans’ uniqueness! 

Gina and I were dropped off in front of Cafe Du Monde to stand in line while the guys found a parking place.  We were seated just before the guys walked back and enjoyed plates of beignets and cups of beyond strong coffee.  Beignets are square doughnuts covered in mounds of powdered sugar.  It is a mistake to wear anything black to Cafe Du Monde—powdered sugar everywhere. 

Jack Dempsey's

Cafe Du Monde Cafe Du Monde

Old and New2

The old and new of New Orleans

Old and New NO street

Cafe Du Monde2 St Peter's and beads St. Peter’s Church, notice the Mardi Gras beads in the tree—I didn’t notice the beads when I took the photo.

The crowds Us on Bourbon Street Picasa Us on Bourbon Street.

Soon it was time to head back toward Denham Springs—Gina and Rollie—we had a wonderful, wonderful time, thank you so much!One lost cowboy See that lost Montana cowboy??


  1. glad you found the cowboy and took him home!..great shots of Bourbon Street!!

  2. Thanks for the flashback, looks the the city is back!

  3. We had a great time with you and Mike today. We're both glad that we got that Montana cowboy down to see New Orleans. We just hope we didn't scare him too much. LOL

    Rollie & Gina

  4. Love those shots of the French Quarter in New Orleans - fantastic. That breakfast place with the square donuts sounded pretty interesting too! Glad you both had a fun day.

  5. Jana and Mike - New Orleans is my second favorita place in the world - just after the Boulder. We use to go there 2-3 times a year but haven't been there for awhile. I'm glad that Mike liked it - maybe you will go back. We have more snow and the wind is suppose to be back tomorrow. We are headed up Paradise Valley with friends for a couple of days. Tell Gina hi! Happy New Year - Mary F

  6. great pictures. If that was the line-up at the cafe then I don't think I would be able to go there. If I see a line-up at a restaurant I'm outa there ☺ I was in New Orleans in 1989 and loved it. Took a riverboat tour too. Had a great time.

  7. Always nice to read of others who enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of New Orleans - and especially the French Quarter. Jeanette and I have been there before and we really loved the great music, food and spirits (the liquid kind) that is offered. Café du monde was our regular morning hang out. We plan to head back there in the coming years.


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