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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just A Great Day In Louisiana

After a restless night for me, Michael woke early and was up at the crack of dawn—I slept in.  Rollie stopped by to ask us if we liked doughnuts????  Is there anyone who doesn’t like doughnuts???  We indulged in a few artery clogging doughnuts, Michael and Rollie dug up the water lines that feed their little pond in the garden—found the broken spot in the plumbing and then we were all off to the furniture store.

While in Arkansas Ann took us to a few furniture stores to look at loveseats for the motorhome but we didn’t find what we wanted.  We originally thought we would winter with the furniture that came with the motorhome but found it to be just a whole lot uncomfortable!  Gina and Rollie took us to V. Watts furniture store—very nice furniture at reasonable prices.  We found the perfect reclining loveseat that fit in the exact spot we had--New couch Better photo to come!

After the furniture store we had lunch then Gina and I were off to have pedicures—oh, what luxury, what bliss, just wonderful!!!  Can you tell it has been a long time since I had a pedicure????? 

Rollie borrowed his Uncle Jim’s truck and he and Michael went to the furniture store, bought the loveseat and had it almost installed by the time Gina and arrived back home.

Tonight is their son Thomas and his wife Ashley’s last night here before they return to their bases in California—Gina wanted to make chicken and dumplings and that is what she did.  I am not a dumpling fan but let me tell you, I could become one after eating Gina’s!!!  Thomas also fried up a batch of crawfish for us to sample and for he and Ashley to take along as snack food.  Delicious!

We are back in our motorhome, relaxed on our new couch enjoying the sound of rain on the roof. 


  1. If you enjoy the rain, I'm thinking there's plenty more to come! I sent it your way from Anahuac, TX! :)

  2. nice new piece of furniture you have!! toe pictures??

  3. Enjoy your Doughnuts and Good luck for the furniture shopping.

  4. Like the new love seat, Hope you guys don't get to much rain, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. Holy smokes, I got tired just reading about your day.

  6. Love the new sofa. I have been thinking about doing the same thing.

    Travel safe. Hugs to you all.

  7. Nice, comfy looking sofa! The cup holders are a nice touch too. I love dumplings and haven't had them in at least a 100 years!!

  8. Great sofa, Must be very comfortable Enjoy to the fullest.


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