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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Yellowstone Photos and Baby Photos

It’s Saturday and much quieter around here—Fred and Nancy plus Mary Ellen headed out this morning just leaving us with Larry and Geri.  We had a great Friday visiting and enjoying some fabulous meals.  Michael and I love to share our spot of paradise with family and friends.

Friday Mary Ellen and I drove to Big Timber for a birthday party—I hosted a little lunch gathering at the Grand for my dear friend Jill—Jeane and Nancy joined us—good times!  Back home the gang minus Mary Ellen and me decided to show Natural Bridge to Nancy and Fred.  While they were gone I started supper preparations—a sweet little baby showed up with her mom and I got to be Mimi for a while too.

DSCN1447Emmi was not impressed—that kid is in my toy box Mom!!


DSCN1458Lora Elizabeth—isn’t she adorable! 

Last night I used a Pioneer Woman recipe for oven BBQ chicken thighs—but I used drumsticks instead—the sauce is delicious!  I also baked that Starbucks knock off lemon cake—it’s good—maybe not as moist as the cake you buy at Starbucks but close.  Laci decided it was a keeper.

We were all out in the backyard—one of the only afternoon shady spots on this place—enjoying happy hour and some munchies.  I was going back and forth to the house finishing up the dinner preparations.  I had the asparagus in a pot with just about a half inch of water in the bottom—I turned on the burner and went back outside for what was obviously too long—have you ever smelled scorched asparagus??  UGH—sure did a number on one of my good pots!!

We will spend the day catching up with chores and hopefully some back of my eyelid examining!  The guys are cooking tonight—dinner at the Rib and Chop in Livingston!

Here are some photos from our girl’s trip to Yellowstone on Thursday:DSCN1419DSCN1395

DSCN1407Three young osprey in a nest on top of a pinnacle in the bottom of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  I am liking my Nikon with its 60x zoom more and more although it’s hard to hold steady with the zoom all the way out.

DSCN1410The red arrow in this photo shows where the nest was located.






Life is good with friends and family!


  1. Looks like Lora Elizabeth smelled the asparagus in that first pic of her! ;)

  2. You've been a busy lady. What fun days especially that visit from the little adorable sweetie:) Sorry to hear about your burned pan and worse the asparagus!

  3. All good photos, Janna. Clearly, Lora Elizabeth steals the show. She is very cute!

    Your Yellowstone journey yielded some nice photos too.....and I am sure the company was fun to travel with.

  4. Wow, just a quick drive to Yellowstone for wonderful photos - you live in a great place! I love my zoom too, I'm always amazed at the detail I can see that far away (although I too have a hard time holding it still). Lora Elizabeth is getting so big!!


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