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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our RV Resort and Lodge


Yep, we are all set up for business!  My cousin Mary Ellen arrived Wednesday from Arkansas and she is the lodge part of the equation.Smile And later in the afternoon Fred and Nancy came driving up the driveway—it was so, so good to see them!!  They’ve been over in Helena visiting other North Ranch folks.  They joined Larry and Geri in the RV Resort section!

DSCN1363Mary Ellen and me

DSCN1361Part of the North Ranch gang, together again!

Geri and Larry spent the day in Billings retrieving ATV tires (success) and various other things.  We all gathered for a fabulous dinner last night—the brisket was to die for!!  DSCN1354DSCN1357Mary Ellen and I took a quick run up to Natural Bridge.

Michael is busy as usual, he spent the day installing a winch on an ATV for friends Claire and Robyn.  Seems it is summertime in Montana, we are all busy—going and coming.  I think we are in for a run of summer weather too after our little cold front blew through. 

The four ladies, Mary Ellen, Geri, Nancy and myself spent the day in Yellowstone Park along with a million other folks! I have some great photos but I’m too tired for any downloading tonight—tomorrow.  The guys went to Moccasin Lake on the ATVs.


  1. busy, busy, busy. Good times and good friends with a little work thrown in. Sounds just about right.

  2. Don't know which I liked more... the photos of that gorgeous scenery or the lovely people. Guess that's no contest... the photos of you folks win hands down... nice to put faces to names. What a crew!

  3. Sounds like you are having a great time and you are right there is a change in the weather headed your way, via Dogpound North.

  4. Fun times with friends:) Does your "RV Resort" have FHU's...haha!


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