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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Home and Family Visiting

The hospital in-services lasted until almost 11pm Tuesday night and my 3:30am wake up call Wednesday morning came awfully early.  I had uneventful flights but by the time I drove up our driveway yesterday afternoon I was running on pure empty.  

My Mom and Chuck were here when I arrived—the cowboy and Emmi were also very glad to see me.  Diane, one of my first cousins, her husband Brent and their son Wyatt from Washington came for happy hour—it was so good to see them!  They are renting a beautiful guest house near us.  The last time we saw Diane and her family was in 2006 when I was doing an interim management assignment in the Seattle area.  Wyatt is 20 years old and a delightful young man—personable, easy to talk to, helpful and he didn’t sit looking at his phone the whole time he visited with us!  Diane and Brent have done a fabulous job raising their only child!


Mom and Chuck went into town for errands and stopped by to visit Nat.  Michael spent the day loading and securing a huge window into our cargo trailer—the window is headed to our house in Arizona.  He also washed the Can-Am—I think he likes that ATV—he sure is concerned with keeping it clean! Smile

Diane, Brent and Wyatt joined us for supper tonight and we ate like kings!  Ribs, corn on the cob, chicken tenders, Caesar salad with brownies and homemade ice cream for dessert.  They are starting their journey back to Washington tomorrow. 


Oh my is it ever smoky around here—heavy, heavy smoke.  The mountains have disappeared behind a wall of smoke.


And the FedEx lady delivered my iPad—it’s so good to have it back!


  1. We watch those fires on TV, so sad. Especially when the other side of the Us is saturated. Life is good, you got your ipad back. ! Have a great weekend.

  2. Yeay! Back at home! iPad returned! Family visiting! It's all good other than the horrible smoke from the fires that are burning up a large part of the northwest this summer.

    We are sure you are enjoying some special time with your mom.

  3. Glad you got back home safely to spent time with your family:) Wahoo! The iPad is back!

  4. So nice to get home and have some family to visit as well. Sure hope they are able to get those fires under control. We've been lucky to miss the smoke in the PNW this summer, but are heading to Spokane in a couple weeks and figure we'll catch up with it there :-( Nice pic of Mom and Chuck.


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