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Monday, August 24, 2015

Favorite Season

It isn’t summer—don’t get me wrong, I do like summer, late June and then July usually but August stinks and lately it stinks literally of smoke!  I guess summer is like winter—I don’t mind winter in November, December, January and February but when it’s still snowing in May, I’m done with winter!  I’m that way about August, I’m done with summer!  At least our temps aren’t unbearable—today it was in the low 80’s but the smoke from all the forest fires is thick!  My heart goes out to all those fire fighters working in this heat trying to get a handle on the multiple fires—and my heart especially goes out to the families of the three firefighters killed. 

Not much excitement around here, we did see a black bear on one of our evening walks—but that’s about it.  Mom and Chuck made it home to Arkansas.  Michael has been working on the cargo trailer and our Can-Am hauling trailer and I was industrious today washing all our windows.  The windows really needed washing—they were grubby!

Sunday afternoon we went into Big Timber and visited with Nat for a while taking him a huge stack of jigsaw puzzles a friend was getting rid of.  Should keep him busy for a while! Smile

Here are some more birthday photos:




  1. I think we should get everybody together & sign a petition to have August removed from the calendar so that we can go from July right into September. That way we can get on the road heading south a month earlier:))

  2. I like the way Al thinks! Although August is turning out to be better then June or July when I didn't think it would ever stop raining. I wish we could take all of our 'wet' and give it to the folks that really need it!

  3. Sure hope the expected rain this weekend is a big help to those brave fire fighters. Looks like the cake was a big hit :-) Such a cutie. I'd be disliking August again if I were still in SoCal but it's been pretty good to us where we've been in Washington.

  4. The flag is at half mast here at the Refuge this week, honoring those brave firefighters. August hasn't been a "normal" month up here in Maine... can't decide if wants to be a couple days of summer or head right into September... but there's no smoke to deal with. Cute birthday pictures....

  5. There won't be anything left to the northwest area with all the fires. There aren't enough thanks for all those fighting the fire.

    Oh, that video was so hard to watch. I can't believe you let her get into the cake like that, and chocolate at that. Oh, I was just cringing as I watch her squeeze and smash the cake. The clean up must have taken forever:) Glad everyone had fun!

    1. If it had been left up to me, the cake thing wouldn't happen--I'm much too neat a person for that. The cleanup wasn't bad--they just dunked her in the bathtub! She wasn't a happy baby that day--she had been taking Amoxicillin for a daycare acquired ear infection and broke out in a rash ALL over her body plus she was cutting a new tooth.


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