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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cute Quilts And A Friendship Story

You know, it’s hard to write blogs in advance!  I am still hanging out in Portland enjoying some girlfriend time—Sunday I will head back to the cowboy and Emmi—I am certainly looking forward to seeing both of them!

I receive various quilting related catalogs and imagine my surprise when thumbing through the latest issue of Keepsake Quilting I spotted these:

DSCN1467JoAnn Hoffman is a talented quilter who lives in Hill City, SD—she designed, pieced and quilted these too little darlings.  When we purchased the longarm back in 2008 the company, APQS, offered me a free beginners class—the nearest to us teacher was JoAnn Hoffman.  We loaded up the truck/fifth wheel/motorcycle and headed to Custer, SD where we stayed in a campground—Broken Arrow.  A woman named Geri checked us in and we later met her husband Larry.  We enjoyed our stay not realizing at the time how intertwined our lives would become. 

While I was learning to use that big sewing machine Michael toured around Custer and the Black Hills on the motorcycle.  We visited Mount Rushmore and did some more touring on the motorcycle.

Fast forward to a stay at North Ranch in Arizona.  These people show up at a Mike and Pat happy hour—it’s Larry and Geri, the campground owners from Custer where Mike and Pat have a summer home.  Fast forward again—Larry and Geri show up in Montana the following summer staying at the fishing access not far from us. 

Larry and Geri sell the campground and start fulltime RVing—and we become close friends taking a six week long trip to southeast Alaska last summer.  It’s amazing the friendships you build throughout the years, isn’t it! 

Life is good and one last cute quilt from Keepsake Quilting:



  1. What a great story about your friends... We have a few folks in our lives too who pop up in various times and places. So Special!

  2. All because of a quilting class! That's a great story :-) The detail in those little feet is amazing, I can't even imagine actually sewing something like that!

  3. I really enjoyed getting to know your ATV buddies. Maybe I can come to Arizona and meet some more of the blog people.

  4. This great big world, keeps getting smaller and smaller!!!


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