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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Missed Meal Colic

Yep, my cousin Mary Ellen was correct—I called Mom this afternoon and the saying is, “missed meal colic.”  You’ve missed a meal and you don’t know what you are having to eat—so there you have it from the source, my southern Mom!

We’ve had a smoke reprieve—Saturday morning it was so thick our eyes were burning.  I took Nat over to Livingston to pick up his new hearing aides and the smoke was so thick it felt as if we were driving in fog.  By the time I came home all the smoke was gone thanks to a strong east wind.  During the night the wind really blew and we’ve enjoyed another day with little smoke.  Our temperatures have also cooled which hopefully will give those poor fire fighters a little reprieve too.

Speaking of hearing aides—isn’t it amazing the technology contained in those tiny plastic pieces the size of your ear canal!  Supposedly Nat’s hearing aides can detect a noisy room and filter out only the voices he is trying to hear.  The hearing aides came with a special portable phone which communicates with the aides making it easier for him to hear on the phone.  As with anything there is a learning curve.

The cowboy has replaced the plywood on his new trailer and I’ve been working on a customer quilt making great progress.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch today and sampled some of the corn on the cob we bought at the farmers market—outstanding!! 


And that’s about it for our Sunday.

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  1. I'm 69 years old and raised in SW Missouri. We consider ourselves Southerner's and I have never heard the phrase "missed meal colic". I'm going to have to ask my cousin about that. I think she knows every Southern saying there is. LOL


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