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Monday, August 3, 2015

On Top Of The World--Again

We’ve sure been seeing a lot of mountain tops this summer!  The cowboy has been to Placer Basin several times on snow machine plus while I was in Chicago a few weeks ago he went there on the ATV with his son Lonn and friend Sarge.  Sunday Larry and Geri joined us for a spectacular ride!

It was a little scary loading our new to us Can Am into the back of a 4x4 truck which sits a ways off the ground—so scary in fact that I didn’t even watch, so no photos—here’s one of the machine coming down out of the truck.  We have one ATV trail we can ride from our home, all other ATV trails require us to haul our rigs to a trailhead.  To keep Larry and Geri from having to load their rigs back into their “home”—their 33 ft. toy hauler—we put our Can Am in the back of the truck and loaded Larry and Geri’s rigs onto our small ATV trailer the cowboy built. 


IMG_2764Here comes Geri all attired for the dust we encountered on the main road.  Once we were on the actual trail portion of the ride, the dust was lessened.  Once again, the wildflowers were stunning!


IMG_2780A little snow here and there.IMG_2788Emmi loves our new machine—there is a console between the two of us—we place a foam pad on that console and Emmi rides up there happy as a clam all day—I don’t have to hold onto her unless the trail gets really, really rough. 

IMG_2805IMG_2813The smoke from various summer forest fires is the reason behind the “blue” mountains and not so clear sky. 

IMG_2800Yep, we were above 10,000 feet again!  Someone (aka the cowboy) needs to figure out how to change the “trip odometer” on this smarter than us Garmin—we most certainly did not travel 1764 miles yesterday! Smile


Our elevation was so high we could see the back side of Boone Mountain—the pointed peak mountain we see from our home—not the greatest photo—smoke and bright sun are the cause!



Another fabulous day spent in the mountains with great friends Larry and Geri.  Life is good!


  1. Gorgeous photo of the three of you!! Frame worthy!

  2. Love the photo of you and Cowboy in the ATV:) Boy, you are really seeing the smoke, but a nice day:)

  3. Some wonderful sure live in a beautiful area !
    ( I sure like the looks of that yellow bug too !! )


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