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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

And They Are Gone


With sadness we watched Larry and Geri roll down the driveway Tuesday morning.  We tried to talk them into staying longer but they have lots of stuff on their plates right now and needed to get moving.

Monday was another hot one here in Montana, 90 degrees—ugh!  We cope with the heat by leaving the house windows and doors open at night—the house is right cool by morning—sometimes as low as 60 degrees.  Before the sun starts to hit the open windows and screen doors, I close everything up and turn on the ceiling fans.  The house will stay comfortably cool until about 4pm when the sun starts to come in some of the south facing windows.  We also have an electric awning over the west facing dining/living room windows which I deploy before the sun starts to come in those windows.  If it gets too bad we retreat to the basement!

Geri and I kept the washer/dryer going almost all day Monday.  Poor Emmi received a bath and haircut—much to her dismay but I bet she is now more comfortable!  Larry washed his truck and Michael gave the Can Am and jeep a bath. 

When we drove to the Mill Creek area last week, it was very cool and very windy.  We lost a roof vent on our long cargo trailer—Michael was ambitious and replaced that vent—I think he got a bit warm while up on that roof!

And it’s Clarks 2  Pack Rats 0!!!!!  Yea us!!  And yea Emmi—she alerted us to the fact there might be one of the buggers in the jeep this morning and she was right!  Michael set a trap and by lunch time he was successful!

More photos from our Placer Basin ATV trip.



Life is good!


  1. I have been reading your blog for a long time and really enjoy the stories and gorgeous pictures. Thanks for letting me tag along!
    Our golden lab, Sally, loves to ride in our Yamaha Rhino and really would like to be on the console. But since she is 90 lbs, that isn't my husband built a rack for the bed of the Rhino with a padded platform just behind the seats for her. She sits with her butt on the platform, front feet on the console as far forward as she can get before we notice!
    We live in Buckeye, AZ., camp and ride south of Wickenburg.

  2. Always sad to see good friends pulling down the driveway. Our neighbors at the last stop have that same huge toy-hauler - they sure are beautiful rigs :-) We play musical windows, fans and blinds in the rig when the temps get over 80, only using the AC a couple times so far. Nice to have that basement retreat!

  3. That is way too warm for Montana! Sounds like you have a good plan in place to keep cool:) It is hard to see good friends move on, but it does sound like you really had fun with your company. Life is certainly good:)


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