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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lora Elizabeth’s Birthday

It’s hard to believe our little great granddaughter is now one year old—it seems only yesterday we were in a Great Falls, MT hospital eagerly awaiting her arrival.  Her actual birthday was a little earlier in the month but due to Mom and Dad’s schedules the party was today.  Friends and family gathered in Great Falls where Laci and John live on base—it was major ordeal (due to lack of staffing) to get me and my car on base.  John was sent to sponsor me and when it took so long I’m sure John was thinking Mimi had a past she didn’t want anyone to know about! Smile


DSCN1563As you can see Lora Elizabeth is a much loved little girl!  Before the cake attack we enjoyed burgers and hotdogs along with various other good stuff and while the cake attack was going on, the adults had cupcakes.  I’ve tried to post a video of the cake demolition but my internet seems to be really, really slow tonight and uploading isn’t happening—will post later.

Mom and Chuck left this morning after a too short visit—they’ve been gone from Arkansas several weeks and were ready to head home.  They traveled through California and Oregon visiting friends and relatives then into Montana visiting more friends, relatives and lastly—us. 

DSCN1477Mom and Chuck took the Can-Am out for a ride and of course Emmi had to go along!

Upgraded to Windows 10 while gone today and hope that isn’t the reason for this slow, slow computer tonight.


  1. What a sweetie!! There is nothing like a good cake bashing!! Looks like it was a happy birthday all round!

  2. How nice that you were able to spend Lora Elizabeth's birthday with her:) Looking at the photos of that chocolate cake and that little hand heading, my mommy voice is saying pull up that sleeve! Your mom and Chuck look like they were enjoying the ride. Nice you got to spend some time together:)

  3. She is adorable. Cake bashing is great. Those babies just grow to fast. Happy Birthday to her.

  4. First birthdays are so special. Our twin grandbabies will be two in Sept. I don't know about Win 10 slowing down a computer or internet, but it sure does seem to go through the battery power. Even though I tried to shut down as much background stuff as I could it still eats up the battery. Hope that improves with future updates.

  5. Adorable :-) Hard to believe a year old already. Wonderful you could be there for the cake event and to see her open all her goodies. Mom and Chuck look like they need one of their own now!


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