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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Delta Rocks

Monday morning early I received an email from Delta, “we are still looking for your lost item.”  At 11am when we came out of the hospital after in-services I had another email from Delta, “we have found your item.”  Delta rocks!!!  My iPad was password protected and of no use to the regular, everyday computer user—I’m so happy it was found and is on its way back to me!

I told you it was busy in Yellowstone Park this summer—record busy!

We’ve spent a busy two days in San Diego at a large hospital performing product in-services for nursing staff in two ICU departments.  In between the varied in-service times we’ve been eating well—a little Cheesecake Factory lemon cheesecake:

IMG_0585Oh, I forgot we had dinner there too and it was outstanding!


IMG_0580My coming from the airport view out the taxi windows.

IMG_0582And a view of the pool from my room. 

After the last in-services tonight I will board a plane Wednesday morning heading back to my cowboy and Ms. Emmi—and to visitors from both sides of the country—my Mom and her husband Chuck, plus my cousin Diane and her family from Washington are staying in a guest house near us for a few days.


  1. Yay.... three cheers for Delta!!!! Safe travels home and have a good time visiting with your family!!

  2. So glad your iPad was found:)

    Enjoy your time with family:)

  3. WOW you are one lucky gal. When we flew this week, the blacksmith dropped his computer cord under the pane seat. Good thing I was alert and saw it!

  4. Busy time ahead. And what a treat to learn that your iPad was found and will be returned. less worry!

  5. Glad to hear Delta found you iPad.
    You're a lucky lucky girl.


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