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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Smokey Skies

I know I shouldn’t complain—I grew up in the hot, humid south and my family still lives there, they know what HOT is!—but I am so tired of being hot!  We have no air conditioning as the temperatures don’t often rise above 85F in summer but this run of heat is getting on my last nerve making me crabby.  Rarely does it stay warm at night but Friday night was one of those nights—our temp Saturday morning was 70 degrees at 6am making for a very warm day—usually we are at about 50-52 degrees in the morning.  And to top it off, we now have so much forest fire smoke—you can even smell it in the air. 

Still no iPad, a commenter, Chris, asked if I had tried: iPad is cellular capable but at this time we have no cellular plan for it—so I wasn’t able to locate the iPad using iCloud.  I contacted both airports speaking to people in lost and found plus I spoke with a Delta/Skywest desk agent in Billings—still no iPad.  I’ve been reading using the old Kindle I have—it belonged to LoraLee but she wasn’t fond of using it so gave it to me—I keep trying to “swipe” the screen!  It has buttons along the side which say, “next page” and “previous page.”  You have to press those buttons to move forward in a book.  It also uses an USB cable to transfer books from Amazon—isn’t technology progression a wonderful thing!!

Our sweet baby girl has been sick—she doesn’t often go to daycare but this past week Lora caught a bug and ran a high fever.  When someone said, “little kids are the best petri dishes,’' they weren’t kidding!  She is all better now. 

11846627_738211359623211_2578082619249336155_nI am suspecting Aunt Katie had a hand in the diaper on the head trick! Smile

11900085_445759102276209_4090801083595757283_nHanging out with Grandpa Lonn.

Today, Sunday, I flew to San Diego to work a couple days leaving the cowboy and Emmi home alone—a little too soon to be away again but I won’t be gone for long.


  1. Hot here too, with high humidity. Should cool this week. Isn't it funny how technology quietly moved into our lives, and now we don't know what to do with out. Enjoy your days away. Hopefully air-conditioning and no smoke!!!

  2. Yes, that is way too hot for your area! Things need to change because we are heading west and I am planning to leave the heat behind!

    Love that diaper on the head:)

    Sorry you haven't found your iPad yet!

  3. We're breaking records down here. 117 on Friday. And our "low" was 91. I'm tired of it also. At least we don't have the smoke.

  4. Sorry to read the "find my iphone" link didn't work for you. Does you homeowners insurance cover the cost of replacement? If not Costco now sells Apple products.
    Good luck with the next one.

  5. Heading to Beautiful Cool San Diego ? You probably won't be hot there!
    Too bad hubby couldn't go with you.
    It's hot here in central Calif too, but having central air does make a big difference.
    Wishing you cooler days soon. 😊


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