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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ATV Riding and Farmers Market

Plans with Lonn didn’t work out for a longer ATV ride today so we just headed up the East Boulder—to Lewis Gulch and Moccasin Lake.  The morning started out less smoky than we’ve been seeing but the smoke rolled back in as we rolled along giving us hazy mountain views.  We are playing with a new toy—a GoPro Hero 3 which was gifted to us and tonight I’m struggling with the GoPro software—anyone out there using something easier for GoPro??  Geri—how do you export and edit yours??


Late afternoon we left Ms. Emmi holding down the fort and we traveled to Livingston for the weekly farmers market.  If you know anything about Montana it would be that we have short summers as in about the only thing you can grown at our elevation (5200 feet) is lettuce! SmilePeople try, oh how they try and get struck down by hail, wind and August frosts. Sad smile  About the only way to grow produce such as tomatoes is in a green house!  Folks in Big Timber and Livingston have a little better luck but not much!  Lots of lettuce, kale, carrots, and herbs for sale plus there were tomatoes grown in a greenhouse.  We purchased some good looking corn grown in Clark, Wyoming—at a much lower elevation. 

This summer Joe and Tammy gave us a gift card to the Rib and Chop House restaurant in Livingston.  Our plans were to go to the farmers market then have dinner but we just weren’t hungry enough for that expensive a meal—so Mark’s In & Out it was—we split a burger and each had milkshakes. 


OK, I’m giving up on the GoPro videos for tonight—will try again tomorrow. 


  1. I'll be waiting to see how your GoPro "adventure" comes along... been thinking we might need one of those ;-)

  2. Yay, go pro in the Can Am.... Can't wait....

  3. I remember when new toys were much less complicated to play with.....maybe not a cool, but easier :-)) Love that you split the burger and had your own shakes!!


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