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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cute Baby

Wednesday I traveled to Portland, OR leaving the cowboy and Emmi holding down the fort.  Before I left I pre-wrote a couple posts and this is one of them.  When my cousin Mary Ellen was visiting as well as the ATV gang, Laci came over and brought Lora Elizabeth.  Friday Lora will celebrate her first birthday—kind of hard to believe it’s been a year since we were in Great Falls, MT eagerly awaiting her birth!  Soon after she was born we headed to Alaska with Larry and Geri. 

Here are some photo taken by someone else shared on Laci’s Facebook page and borrowed by me!

Lora ElizabethLora Elizabeth2

Tuesday during the day and into the night we had a band of noisy thunderstorms moving through with some rain to cool things off.  We are so very glad thunder and lightening doesn’t seem to bother Ms. Emmi—she never even reacts—she slept through the storms.  We got our first schnauzer, Jazz, when we were participating in Cowboy Action Shooting—that little pooch grew up on a shooting range with lots of noise—nothing bothered Jazz.  When we got Emmi and weren’t shooting any longer we were very careful never to react to loud noises around her—I tried really hard not to jump when it thundered!  Our carefulness paid off—a calm pooch except when she is left alone for a few hours—then she’s not so calm or quiet—she tells us what awful people we are for leaving her alone while dancing on her back legs! Smile

On Tuesday I went to Big Timber—the longarm quilting machine at the quilt shop wasn’t behaving properly—seems it was just a case of operator error for which both I and the quilt shop owner were happy for!!  It’s 4H fair week in Big Timber and this procrastinating quilter didn’t enter a quilt this year—oh, well, there is always next year!  Michael spent the day doing what this southern girl calls “piddling.”  He installed the handy/dandy mountable gas tank Lonn gifted him for this birthday last year on the Can Am.  We are absolutely loving that Can Am—I see the cowboy heading out of the garage with it frequently—taking it up to the shed in the fields to retrieve parts, etc., going down the driveway to get the mail—yep, we love it! 

Life is good.


  1. Definitely a cute baby! Tessa is so like Emmi - loud noises like fireworks and thunder don't bother her, but being left alone is cause for much loud noise of her own making! Safe travels to Portland.

  2. What a cutie! I like the contrast of her colorful clothes with all that green background.


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