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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A None Smoky Day

We’ve enjoyed a couple nice, non-smoky days and our Labor Day weekend forecast is calling for some rain and much cooler temperatures.  It was such a beautiful day today, we  decided to take a little run in the Can-Am up to Moccasin Lake.  Yes, we’ve been there many, many times but it’s always a beautiful ride and easy—we just head up the road, no loading the Can-Am on a trailer.  And, usually there is no one else up there—we had the place to ourselves!


Yesterday I did some of those chores everyone has to do—sheet changing, laundry—you get the picture.  In the afternoon I finished the customer quilt I had on the frame and today I delivered it to Linda—and forgot to take photos!!!  Bummer!  Michael spent yesterday working on his new to him trailer—he has replaced the decking and is now working on the wheel bearings.

Monday afternoon the caller ID told me I was going to have a massage Tuesday!  My therapist called to tell me she had a cancellation for Tuesday morning—yippee!!!  Gayle recently had a baby and has cut back on her massage schedule significantly.  As I am not here in the winter I don’t have a regular spot on her “full all the time” schedule and depend on someone else cancelling.  I’ve been extremely lucky lately!

Not much going on around here making for boring blogs but that’s the way it is sometimes!


  1. nice view from that rock!!!
    nothing like the smell of sheets dried on the clothes line!!!

  2. Glad to hear the smoke is dissipating. Bill heading to Horseshoe Lake next week :-) So nice to have a beautiful drive just out your door. Nothing better than a massage with a good therapist - enjoy!!


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