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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Snake, Backs and Shiprock Again

DSCN0711DSCN0713This guy was inspecting a house here in North Ranch and saw this snake—a bull snake—it slithered into the garage so this fellow caught the thing and poked it under the house he was inspecting.  It didn’t stay under the house long—must not have been much to eat under there!

Yesterday I stooped to put clothes in the laundry hamper and then could not straighten up.  What in the world makes that happen???  I was miserable yesterday and last night—any movement caused pain—I spent a lot of time in my zero gravity lounger alternating ice and heat. 

A ride with the ATV gang had been planned for Tuesday out to the Shiprock area again—I was practicing the power of positive thinking and had Michael load my ATV.  Well, when I could barely get out of bed this morning it became apparent I wasn’t going on any ATV trip today!  Emmi really didn’t see why she had to stay home too but it was very warm so it was just as well she stayed home with me. 

After a day of heat/ice and muscle relaxers my back is much better tonight—I am a very active person not sitting still for very long but I sure did today.  Finished one book on the iPad and started another. 

Here are some photos Michael took with our Montana 650T GPS—it’s amazing how good the cameras are on those gadgets!


DSC00040And a North Ranch sunset--DSCN0718DSCN0721

Hope you all had a great Tuesday!


  1. We sure hope your back spasm disappears quickly....albeit never as quickly as one wishes. Ouch! I too wonder how those things happen....and they do when one least expects it. All the best on that front.

    Sitting with a good book is not a bad way to let the back heal though.

    Nice photos from Michael's ATV ride.

  2. Bull Snake or Rattler...I just hate to have snakes around the house.

  3. NOTHING worse than back pain!! Good luck with that!
    SNAKES! I say it's time to move!! RUN!!

  4. Pinched sciatic nerve? That's what Paul had a few years ago. Completely incapacitated him and happened as he was bending over. Took lots of acupuncture and slow moving to heal. Hope yours clears up faster!

  5. Darn...sorry to hear about your back! Time to see the Mazziotti's in Wickenburg. Gayle is a Massage Therapist and her husband is a Chiropractor. Judy Zobel is an Accupuncturist. Have been to all and they are good. Thought the snake was a rattler and almost destroyed my computer. :-)

  6. Big snake. I also thought it was a rattler. With critters like that crawling around, it may be time to head for the hills. Hope the back is much better.

  7. I hate when my back tightens up for no reason. Back spasms are so painful. Glad you were able to loosen it rather quickly. Take care!!

    That snake may not be a rattler but it is still gross!!

  8. Gorgeous snake - we just love those big beauties! Yep, my worse back pain has been when doing "nothing" - just stepped out of the shower once :-( Zero gravity chair probably the absolute best position for relief. Shiprock will still be there next time, but it was great of Michael to be sure you got to see it this time :-)

  9. Uh-oh -- so sorry to hear about your back. Eric just did the same thing to his back two days ago. I hope it's not catching! Seriously, I hope you're feeling better. I appreciate snakes, too -- they're good for keeping the vermin under control!


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