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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Still Sitting

The ATV gang went out again today without us—the cowboy decided to stay home and keep me company.  I’m still spending a lot of time sitting!  I’ve tried to accompany Michael and Emmi for our early morning walks but I can’t walk our usual three miles—I’m getting very impatient for this little episode’s departure!!

Last night we were invited to a potluck at Geri and Larry’s.  They have ATVing friends visiting—Bernie and Penny plus Doug and Sonny—what a fun group!!  We all gathered with our own choice of grilling meat, a dish to share and our adult/non-adult beverages in hand.  After eating  we had movie night in the Biltmore tent—Geri does a simply fabulous job of using her photos to make movies and also editing her Go-Pro movies.  She showed a movie of their Montana visit last July/August—made the cowboy and me a little homesick!!

The cactus blooms get more stunning by the day—look at the orange on this one:

DSCN0722DSCN0726All over the park the Easter cactus are blooming—these gorgeous blossoms only last 24 hours each. 

DSCN0725This bush is just covered in bright orange blossoms.  It was a beautiful day in NR—the temps were back to the high 70’s—much more normal for this time of year! 

The cowboy took me to lunch at Lydia’s Cantina in Wickenburg today—awesome food and a fabulous wait staff!!  We made a grocery store run then home.  Did I tell you we bought a bicycle—a $30 bicycle—but it will fit the bill for us.  We had to order two new tires and Michael got those on today—now it rides much better. 

A good day even if I am still sitting!


  1. Very appropriate for Easter Cactus to be blooming this weekend!

  2. We really enjoyed our Arizona trip last week even though a few days were pretty hot sitting in the stadium for Spring Training Games. We used lots of sun lotion and didn't get our BC skin burned to a crisp. Not much of a tan either, but that better I guess. Hope you feel better soon. - Margy

  3. Yep, amazing how much better a bike rides with tires on it alright!

  4. Those unexpected back tweaks & injuries can be a very nasty bit of business taking a long time for things to shift back into place. Slipped discs can be sooooo painful. My back has been pain free for 6 or 7 years now but I know how fast things can happen, how painful the results, & how long it takes for the back to be pain free & right again..

  5. Back pain? No fun. We sure hope you get back to normalcy soon. Bicycling will be nice.

  6. Hope your back loosens up real soon:) Keep it stretching! North Ranch has the most beautiful cacti this time of year. You always post beautiful flowers:) Take care, Janna!

  7. Wondered what those giant blooms were called - they're beautiful! Nice of Michael to stay home with you and then take you out for lunch - you may not get better for a while now.....


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