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Friday, March 13, 2015

Strange Sightings

The desert around Salome is different than at Congress—low brush, not as many mesquite trees, lots and lots of ocotillo—and I don’t think this area received the rain we did at North Ranch.  Plus it’s dang hot over here!! and there are some strange things growing in this desert—take a look!

IMG_1223Can’t tell what it is—here’s a closer shot--IMG_1224 Yep, it’s a “bra tree”—you can let your imagination run wild as to how the first one arrived at this tree and go from there! SmileNext door to this interesting tree was a tree with baseball caps, an American flag, etc.  The last strange sighting was the teddy bear tree-


IMG_1220This pyramid was so incredibly well done, it was about five feet tall—no signage to tell anyone why it was there in the middle of the desert—we all joked, “we rode a long way today, all the way to Egypt!”

IMG_1228Five quads and five Razr’s—16 people on this ride!

IMG_1231Friday we were joined by two rigs and four more people—now we are twenty.  We rode through some stunning country with an interesting story.  Local lore has it “Granite from this quarry was thought to be used in the west wing addition of Arizona's Capitol in 1939” —work crews consisting of prisoners were brought from town out to the hills.  The prisoners must have stayed out at the mining site as there was a cave with bars covering the opening to contain the prisoners for the night.  Graffiti artists have had a heyday out there so I elected not to post any photos of the entrance to the “jail.”   Life probably wasn’t a bed of roses for those prisoners!

 IMG_1260IMG_1265Emmi and I found a shady spot for resting.


IMG_1248Another great day in the desert, a very warm day in the desert!  On this side of the mountain we did find some saguaros but the countryside is really, really dry and dusty.


  1. Nice group outing. Hmmmm....not sure about that bra tree but there must be a story or two about it.

  2. I think the teddy bear tree is kinda creepy.... Those cactus flowers are beautiful! Y'all look like you're having such a good time.

  3. Art will find an outlet - even if its definition is sketchy :-) I have seen a few shoe trees out there but I guess it would be easier to give up a bra than a pair of shoes in that harsh terrain! Seeing your large group makes me miss the trips my dad was always organizing with 10 - 20 vehicles in search of adventure in the desert. There was always a lunch destination and lots to see. So glad you had a great time (and found some shade)!


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