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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sure, Let’s Go

The cowboy is a touch older than me and when he decided to retire at age 62, I worked for probably another couple years before jumping on the retirement band wagon, retiring at age 54.  Twenty years ago when I married Michael and retired from working in a hospital I frequently had to pinch myself—“what, I don’t have to get up at 4am and be in the operating room by 5am?”  “what, I won’t be yelled at by an egotistical surgeon today??”  Well, that was pretty good but this retirement is just one big pinch! 

No plans today, we took a walk in the desert then I did another two miles around the park by myself.  Back at the rig Larry appeared to ask if we wanted to head “up the hill” to Yarnell—some sort of music festival, vendors, lunch??  We are game, let’s go. 


Well, the music was good but no vendors, lunch was great at the Yarnell Family Diner.  A very enjoyable time spent walking around in the little shops—any time with Larry is a guaranteed laugh a minute and the weather was perfect!  Tom is busy at the Woodcarvers gathering here at North Ranch so Sandy rode along with us.

DSCN0625Real tulips and some musicians with unique instruments. DSCN0633


Hey Jeane, maybe these are the kind of flowers we need for our Montana gardens—metal!!  At least the cold, wind and hail wouldn’t damage them!

DSCN0647And Jill, the pigs were still there!

The cowboy plugged the coach into solar power today for the first time—he didn’t quite have all the correct settings but it was a good trial.  Tomorrow will be better! 

Life is good!


  1. Our good friends, Jan and Bill, are also up there for the Wood Carvers. She is wandering around in a big ole boot because she broke her foot. Glad that you're getting all that solar figured out. And I really agree - this lifestyle is pinch worthy every day.

  2. I agree it is the "just do it"s of retired life that make it so delightful. And of course stalking others who are doing even more is pretty fun too :-) I wonder if the hail would "make music" when hitting the metal flowers?

  3. Another great day in the life of a retired person:) It is a pinch me life. I still have trouble handling the fact that I don't have to go back to work even after five years. We certainly are blessed with life on the road.

    Real tulips in AZ! Neat.

  4. LOVE those tulips! Glad you guys are enjoying your retirement together. You have the best of both worlds and your blog posts sure show how much you appreciate it! We are almost home now as I type this. Snow chasing us up the highway!!!
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  5. Wayne is a bit older than I am, but we decided to retire the same year anyway. That way we could both enjoy living at our float cabin. We were so anxious to start our new life the lower retirement pay was worth it. Looks like a nice, homey place where you stay. - Margy


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