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Thursday, March 19, 2015

More Solar, Rain, More Cactus and The Biltmore!

It’s done—we are generating power!  Nine batteries, six solar panels with 1530 watts of power, a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter—we are really generating some power!  We haven’t plugged in the motorhome to this bank of power but solar is currently powering our small refrigerator and the fluorescent lights in the trailer!!  The cowboy built a box over one fender to securely hold the batteries.  He ordered all the parts—wire, terminal lugs, inverter and a crimping tool—the finished product!


Yep, company comes and the weather turns nasty again!!  Fred and Nancy have family visiting from Oregon—they arrived last night to a pizza party hosted by their parents so they could meet some of Fred and Nancy’s friends.  The evening was much cooler than it had been and during the night it began to rain, raining most of today with way cooler temps than we’ve been having.

DSCN0585Larry and Geri took a great photo of these guys when we did the Hole in the Wall ride—had it framed and presented it to Fred and Nancy last night.DSCN0591North Ranch is still blooming, I took the ATV out last evening to capture more cactus photos--

DSCN0554Our neighbor Raymond out enjoying all the birds which flock to his yard.

DSCN0557DSCN0565DSCN0576Larry and Geri called this afternoon asking us to come for happy hour in the newly decorated “Biltmore!”  That’s what we’ve all taken to calling their new fancy tent—it came a gully washer while we were in the tent—nary a drop fell on our heads or anywhere else inside.  Larry even has a heater for our comfort!


I think we are all a bit spoiled!  Hope you all had a fabulous Thursday!


  1. Oh, mini wedding tent! That's what I always think of when I see these tents set up somewhere:) I haven't seen a white flower on the cactus yet. Neat! We had rain yesterday starting around 3:00 and into the night. Today was just partly cloudy but cooler, in the 70's. This is my idea of temperatures.

  2. Great work with the solar power system. I bet you could sell the excess power to the nearby electricity grid.

    I like the Biltmore shelter. Handy for inclement weather....and a sun block too.

  3. You were right about other boondockers "plugging in" when they park next to you! That is a lot of power. Looks like there are lots of places for the gang to gather there - the Biltmore is cute. I love the storm clouds moving across the desert.......

  4. Wow! I like that tent!! With all that power, you could probably bring your long arm next year..? :o)

  5. You two will have to start your own mom and pop coop electric company! J&M Power.... and charge by the KW! LOL

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  6. I'll have to walk over and see the cactus while we're here.


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