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Monday, March 9, 2015

Meeting Blog Readers


After our long ATV trip on Saturday the cowboy and I were tired folks!  Yesterday and today we’ve spent catching up on chores which have to be done whether you live in a motorhome or stick and brick home!  Not much fun but necessary if you want clean clothes or to eat!!

Last night while cruising around the internet I received an email from Lorelei and Arvin stating they were blog readers and were staying in the North Ranch campground for a few days.  They are also ATV riders.  They dropped by this morning and we sat outside visiting—they are from Pipestone, MN and are not quite retired but enjoy coming south for a little warm weather and relaxation.

The cowboy helped Larry install a horn on Geri’s ATV today—now Geri will not have to say, “honk, honk!” when she needs the right of way.  You see Larry installed his own horn but hadn’t gotten around to installing Geri’s. 

I made a quick trip to Wickenburg—dropped off trash at the dump (exciting), stopped at the western store to purchase a gift for the cowboy and made a run through the grocery store.  Back home I made a batch of oatmeal/chocolate chip/pecan cookies—sorry Nat—for traveling food.  We are off tomorrow on an ATVing adventure—so hopefully the blog will be more exciting!

Another blog reader, Renae and her little Sheltie Casey stopped by late this afternoon to say hello.  They own a lot here in North Ranch and have a daughter who lives in Montana.  So it was a day for meeting blog readers which we love to do! 



  1. Meeting blog friends is fun. I've done it several times, but not too many people make it all the way up north to where we live. - Margy

  2. Chores are always chores, but at least your view is sweet :-) As long as you keep the cookies on your ATV they will never leave you behind!!! Have a great time - it's going to be a warm one!


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