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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Park Entertainment

OK, let’s get caught up before my brain forgets what we have been doing!  Yesterday morning I made biscuits—I never make biscuits—and believe it or not we had biscuits, not hockey pucks with our scrambled eggs and bacon!!  Michael and I are breakfast eaters but we eat yogurt, cereal, fruit or just scrambled eggs—so yesterday’s breakfast was a treat especially when the biscuit turned out so well!!

North Ranch hosted an event Saturday—La Fiesta with a parade:


DSCN0398a “softball” tournament using bean bags:

DSCN0414Yep, that’s our star LarryDSCN0419Our other star Tom and last but not least our star Mike:

DSCN0420There was a craft show where Jill found a beautiful cross pendant and a lunch which we avoided—we had just eaten that huge breakfast!

After all the events we headed out into the desert for a nice walk with Ms. Emmi.

DSCN0427I am sure that’s a gold nugget!! 

Jill’s cousin Ty is a partner in one of the largest roping arenas in this area—Rancho Rio.  We stopped by yesterday but Ty was out on a cattle buying mission.  Lots and lots of cowboys and horses!

DSCN0432Wickenburg provided us with a little afternoon entertainment walking the downtown streets before heading back to North Ranch.  Saturday was Terry’s birthday and we grilled steaks served with Pioneer Woman smashed potatoes and fresh asparagus.  I baked Terry a chocolate birthday cake—a recipe from Patchwork Times which uses coffee as one of the liquids—delicious!!

And the rains came—a soggy morning greeted us and we decided a drive might be in order.  We started out planning late breakfast/early lunch in Yarnell and ended up having late lunch in Bagdad.  Although the weather was crummy it was a nice drive.  Tomorrow the forecast is for “heavy rain” but Tuesday is to be sunny—let’s hope!!

  DSCN0430Emmi has been getting lots of attention lately—remember the skin infection she had and our visit to the Colorado School of Veterinary Medicine?  She had all those nasty infection filled blisters on her back—when they finally healed she had bald spots.  Now her hair has all grown back in—black, much darker than her other hair giving her this spotted look—people are always asking about our “spotted dog” and is she a special breed! Smile Yes, we think she is special!!



  1. Love the spots on Emmi's back!! Who knew that her fur would grow back like that! You had a busy weekend and yes, it's raining cats and DOGS here too! :o)

  2. Too bad Emmi isn't spoiled at all:) Her spots are cute:)

    Too bad about the rain. We were originally going to stay in Naco until all this yuck moved through, but then we realized on Friday the the forecast had changed and Sunday was suppose to be beautiful and warm. So we moved to Willcox on Sat to get one good day in to do the hike I've been waiting to complete. Now we are looking at a little rain tonight but then nice weather starting tomorrow but much cooler. We can deal with that as long as we have some sun:)

    You certainly have been cooking up a storm. I am sure everyone at North Ranch loves it when you arrive:)

  3. Really, there is no better way to start the day than with a perfect biscuit (and the added bonus of a wonderful smelling rig)! Looks like the Ranch put together a very fun day - lots of stars on your team :-) I love a drive through the desert on a rainy day as long as I'm above the flash flood zone. Miss Emmi is priceless with her special freckles.

  4. The parade reminds me of one in a small town like Powell River. When I lived in the Los Angeles area, there was a roping arena within walking distance, and right next to the stable where I kept my horse. I loved to ride over and watch all the activity. It was amazing that there were several roping arenas in our area. They guys would go to both because they held events on different days. You can't keep a good cowboy down. - Margy

  5. I tried these Miss Kay biscuits from Duck Dynasty show.... They didn't turn out as bad as most of the hard things I make...... I didn't know what the biscuit mix was so I just used flour mixed with 2 tsp of baking powder and a half tsp salt... And two tbs of sugar per cup of flour... Cut the sour cream in like it was shortening.... The soda pop adds a nice sweetness to the mix....

    I didn't use the frying pan or all of that butter she talks about.... My pants are tight enough now..... LOL Rod

  6. I have finally gotten homemade biscuits down pat. I use a mix made from scratch which is similar to bisquick. It takes 8 cups flour and buttermilk and you keep the mix on hand. It's a recipe I got from the University of Missouri extension center years ago. Not sure it would would for you with limited storage space. but here's the link:


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