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Monday, March 23, 2015

Water In The River and A Near Miss

Another beautiful day in the Arizona desert—almost every day is a wonderful day in the desert.  Sunday we met up with the ATV gang for a casual ride—meaning we had no idea where we were going! The cowboy wanted to see if the owl was still in its spot and I wanted to see if the river still had water after the downpour last week.

IMG_1270When friends Terry and Jill were visiting Terry and Michael took ATVs out and spotted this owl in a dirt alcove above the river bed.  Geri and Larry were out with friends and spotted her again--

Geri's owlGeri’s photo—different alcove—is she sitting on eggs???  Why always in the same dirt/rock wall??

IMG_1287-001A crested saguaro and a very green desert!


IMG_1295Yep, the river has water.  Larry did his best trying to get all of us wet but mostly succeeded in getting more water on himself than the rest of us! Winking smile

IMG_1300Fred & Nancy, Joe & KathyIMG_1301Nancy hanging on for dear life!

Geri heard the rattlesnake even over the noise of her rig as she rode by.  He was hidden underneath an overgrown mesquite tree and I did manage to see a flash of his white/black tail—he was most definitely noisy! 


Today we braved the big city—Prescott that is.  We were also on a mission—finding a boondocking spot—success!  When you are driving a rig as long as ours it pays to scout boondocking spots with the jeep!  The temperatures are starting to warm up around here and this Montana girl has a very small temperature range, about 70 to 80 degrees—any warmer than 80 degrees and it is too hot.  Soon after Easter I would bet we are moseying north—we have plans for a Moab, Utah gathering/ride and we will slowly meander that way.  It was a good ten degrees cooler up the hill today than here in Congress.

As for the near miss—I was driving on the way home behind a Ford Expedition which kept speeding up, slowing down.  I gave them room as on that section of road there was no where to pass.  Soon we came to a spot where I knew it would be safe to pass and I speeded up to close the gap between us.  I put on my turn signal and moved into the passing lane, just as our front fender was approaching the rear of her vehicle, she put on her RIGHT turn signal—I remember thinking, “oh, dang, she is turning, I really didn’t need to pass her.” 

The next thing I know the cowboy is saying, “hey now, hey!!!!” LOUDLY!!  and I see the lady has crossed the center line and is partially into the passing lane.  I slammed on the brakes and succeeded in controlling the jeep as she then turned on her LEFT turn signal and proceeded to cross all the way over to the shoulder on the other side of the highway in front of us!! 

I almost had to stop and catch my breath—my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking—I said to Michael, “she DID have her RIGHT turn signal on, didn’t she??”  Yes she did—a very, very near miss!


We have another ride planned for later in the week which involves a crested saguaro—life is good!


  1. Thank goodness that your driving averted a potential accident. Some drivers, eh?

  2. Beautiful green hills. Doesn't even look like the Arizona desert except for all the cactus. I think that owl is giving you the evil eye, so maybe she is guarding eggs. We just landed in Phoenix for a week of spring training and U of A baseball and softball. We are going to grab some of your warm sunshine before we head back north for a nice BC summer. - Margy

  3. To me that driver's erratic driving & especially the speeding up & slowing down suggests an impaired driver. Just gotta love green deserts & my guess is that Owl's sitting on eggs.

  4. The owl is beautiful. Sounds like she likes the building, but can't decide on the apartment :-) Some kids just can't resist playing in the mud! I hate those adrenaline rushes from coming so close to disaster. Whether impaired or clueless to sharing the road, a definite menace :-( Glad you're both fine (once your heart rate returned to normal).

  5. The fact that people use their their turn signals the wrong way - or , worse, not at all, can get me really mad. What are they thinking?

  6. Love that crested saguaro!! So glad you added the photo. Your area has several. That owl is so darn cute:) She must be sitting on eggs as Al said. Wow! You heard the rattle over the ATV. That rattle is really loud, as we now know:) We arrived in Prescott yesterday and boy is it much cooler! I love it!!! I am not a 90 degree person.


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