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Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Gila Monster Search

Geri and Larry have been lucky enough to see several Gila monsters over the course of their ATV travels in this area.  Yesterday the four of us and Emmi headed out after lunch to see if we could spot a monster—it’s always been especially warm when Geri and Larry saw the critters and yesterday certainly fit that bill—very warm!!

Well, we spent about 3 hours out in the desert and saw no Gila monsters, not even a rattlesnake.  We did see this hawk--

IMG_1317And Ms. Owl is still there, no babies yet—maybe it’s a “he”???  Wikipedia states it take about 4 weeks for owl eggs to hatch—well, we should be seeing babies really soon!!  Any comments Judy??


You know it’s hot when the cowboy uses the air conditioning in the motorhome—the last couple days we’ve let two of our three air conditioners run for about 3-4 hours in the afternoon/early evening.  It still cools off enough at night to sleep without air conditioning. 

Saturday evening we headed to Wickenburg to have dinner with the ATVing group at Bar 7.  They sat us at a large table in the back of the bar as they had another major large group in the dining room.  The food was great and our waitress should go into the business of teaching people how to properly take care of the dining public—she was awesome!

The extent of our activities today has been a trip to the Wickenburg Safeway store and we may or may not have had Dairy Queen ice cream on the way home! SmileThe rest of the day we have been reading/knitting/playing with the dog.

And guess what Larry and Geri saw today while out ATVing with some visiting friends--

Gila Monster!!!!!


Life is good!


  1. You'll know when the eggs hatch, as the young are quite vocal. (They never shut up, even after they leave the nest!)

  2. We've been running our two air conditioners too. It got up to 104 F in Desert Hot Springs yesterday and 102 F today. Time for us to head north.

  3. It sure has been warm. We've been going to University of Arizona softball and baseball games. The night games are wonderful, but the day games are extremely hot in the stands. - Margy

  4. You are the second couple that have come into Wickenburg while we are here. We are in Constellation Park, but will be heading to North Ranch in a few days. Looking forward to meeting many of y'all.

  5. I especially love that last photo of the desert with the ocotillo blooming on the left... beautiful!

  6. Boy, your friends are Gila magnets! Keep looking, your turn is coming!!!

  7. It was getting pretty hot when we left Palm Springs about a week's nice to get home to the cooler air and even a bit of furnace heat in the evening!


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