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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blooming Cactus and More Solar Stuff

DSCN0541DSCN0544North Ranch is about to be all a bloom!  The above flowers are huge, probably about eight inches in diameter—DSCN0551It seems as if every yard has some sort of blooming spiky thing in the yard—except Larry and Geri’s yard that is—Larry is allergic to cactus as in he doesn’t want anything in his yard which might stick him!

For the last few days I’ve been a bum—we go for our walk in the morning, I stick a load of laundry in the Splendide, shower, make lunch—then the bum part begins.  I’ve been sitting outside under the awning in my lounger knitting—making a little progress, ripping a little, making a little progress.  But at least I’m learning—and I’m learning to like this being a bum business too!

We went for dinner at Nichols West last night with Jim, Bev and their friends from Redding, CA—our food was delicious and the restaurant was quiet—unusual for Nichols West.

The cowboy has been a carpenter the last couple days, going to Wickenburg yesterday for lumber.  He has built a box to contain the batteries for the solar system.  Do you think NINE batteries will allow us to do just about anything we want on solar???  I told Larry and Geri when we all go to Moab and are boondocking they can just plug into our trailer!  SmileYes, the batteries are used, several of them are 2012 batteries—but they hold a charge and you can’t beat the price—Free!!


That’s about it for our days—people are leaving—Al and Kelly left this morning and other folks are getting ready to leave—Jim and Bev will be heading out in a couple weeks.  The temps are starting to rise--80+ in the daytime, 60 at night—we rarely ever see a low as warm as 60 degrees in Montana, even in August!


  1. Sometimes it's nice to be a bum! I have been a bum for about 20 days here at Pancho VIlla, but tonight I optimistically put away my sewing machine in hopes that we can hit the road tomorrow after the Tracker is done getting it's engine rebuilt. So my fun fiber toys are stashed, and I am thinking we can start heading home? Finished assembling the last block on a quilt and won't start free motion till I get home.
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. I remember all those beautiful North Ranch blooms from last year while whizzing around the streets at their 2nd annual garage sale. Some of those blooms are monstrous in size, Nice that you got out with Jim & Bev. If I had been there I would have preferred to take my meal outside & eaten it in the Jeep but like you said, it was unusually quiet. Amazing.

  3. I was hoping to see some cactus pictures... and yours are outstanding... what a lovely shade of pink? rose? salmon? that top one is. Beautiful!

  4. I love those giant blooms - the colors are so beautiful! A little "bumming" in the shade is always a nice change, especially when the days are so warm now. Seven batteries sounds about right! Good thing that's a strong trailer with all that added weight. The new "bay" looks great of course - nothing he can't do with a tool :-) You stay much longer and you'll be a local!

  5. The cacti in the park we are staying in are all blooming, as well as many in the desert. I just love this time here.

    Yes, with all those batteries, you and Michael can be the power center for all while boondocking:) What a tremendous deal!!

  6. I'm drooling a little...those batteries look awesome. I think you'll be good!


  7. Looks like we got out of Dodge just in time. We knew rain was headed that way & wanted to be out of there before it came. Nice cactus blooms & I remember them from a year ago. You will be able to sell power now to the Hoover Dam people......


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