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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Woodcarving And A Visitor

North Ranch hosts a woodcarving gathering and workshop once a year as well as a beading week.  Woodcarving is happening this week and beading next week.  While neither Michael or I are woodcarvers, it is a pleasure to see all the displayed work as well as watch some of the students carving.  Our ATV friend Tom is a woodcarver and teaches some of the classes—he had some of his work on display along with other carvers.

DSCN0661DSCN0662The cowboy liked the cowboy!  So did I and I really liked what I think is called “relief” carvings Tom did especially the “ruins” piece! 

These birds were simply amazing—every part of these works of art is wood, even those feathers.  I wanted so bad to touch but of course it isn’t allowed—Sad smile



Michael spent most of today building a shelf over the solar battery bank—he happened to read a forum comment which read something like this, “make sure your batteries are protected from falling tools.”  As in a dropped screwdriver could make a lot of sparks fly!  So, our battery bank is now protected.  We are very pleased with the system, a couple days ago we unplugged from Arizona Power and let the solar do its thing—it works!! 

North Ranch has a very nice lending library—clean, neat and well stocked.  Leave a book, take a new one.  I took two books to the library today and claimed two more.  I absolutely love to read, I am currently reading The Path Between The Seas by David McCullough—about the building of the Panama Canal.  It’s a big book—may take me a while!  Michael is reading Crazy Horse and Custer by Stephen Ambrose—Geri lent it to him. 

And speaking of Geri—remember the photos of her sandwich warming on the muffler of her ATV?  Emjay left a comment on a previous blog about a book she had found detailing how two guys actully used a car engine to prepare gourmet meals, Manifold Destiny—We purchased a copy of the book for Geri and gave it to her today—we are really looking forward to these “gourmet meals” while we are out ATVing!!

Geri has a friend, Sharon visiting from Iowa and we joined them for happy hour this afternoon after they took Sharon for an ATV ride—they saw TWO Gila monsters!!  And the owl is still there—when we went back and really examined the two photos of the owl taken at different times, she appears to be in the same wall alcove.  So maybe Nancy is right and baby owls are on the way!! 

We had a visitor this afternoon—Ray of Ray and Cindy’s RV Travels and their new puppy Penny dropped by—it was good to see Ray but Emmi was not impressed with Penny taking over her blue ball Winking smile!!  Ray and Cindy will be at North Ranch for a couple weeks—Cindy is a beader.

Lots of research going on around here, last night we purchased a downloadable book by the author of the blog Frugal-RV-Travel.  We’ve searched Nina’s blog extensively and used some of the links she suggests for finding the perfect boondocking spot—we are ready to try out those solar panels without Arizona Power as backup!  Our first spot will probably be somewhere in southern Utah—the excitement is building!



  1. Two Gila Monsters! Very unusual is what the Herpetologist from Phoenix told us when Jim saw one last year. Guess they are elusive. That makes for a great day! Geri seems to be magnate for Rattlers and lizards :-D

  2. Those wood carvings are incredible! I like the reliefs too :-) I think I know where Tom got his inspiration for his cowboy......

    As much as I love my Kindle, it's always fun to find a good free book and unload one you've already enjoyed. Boondocking in Utah sounds wonderful - looking forward to that adventure!

  3. The wood carvings are beautiful! I love the "relief" boxes your friend does. The person that does those birds is amazing!! How beautiful!

    How glad to hear your solar is working so well:)

  4. Greening of Arizona..beautiful! Last time we oberwintered in Arizona in 2005 the desert bloomed after a bery rainy winter. It was breathtaking.

  5. That prairie chicken is my favorite. Such detail!

  6. Glad to hear your solar is working so well. We are still in the cloudy, rainy season so we get minimal recharges during the day. We are really frugal with our electrical use, especially at night. That way we don't have to run the generator. It's efficient, but way out where we are it sounds so noisy with nothing else to mask it. - Margy

  7. Those wood carvings are just amazing! My friend Lila is attending bead week next week and is boondocking somewhere in the area. Glad you covered the batteries, I was thinking the same thing about falling stuff on top of them too.
    Hope your boondocking goes well and you find some lovely places. We haven't made it to Utah yet, but Bayfield Al sure posted some fantastic pics this week!
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  8. You mentioned boondocking. A good friend of ours in Powell River takes lots of RV trips across Canada in the summer. She does a lot of boondocking as well as finding other free spots to stop on the way. She's written several books about her trips. If you are interested, here is a link to her website. - Margy


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