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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Waterfalls and Snake

Yesterday was a blur, we left North Ranch at 4am, dropped Jill and Terry at the Mesa airport then killed four hours with breakfast and Wal Mart waiting for Costco to open at 10am.  Back to North Ranch by noon, the cowboy helped Larry and Geri erect their new room tent—which by the way is awesome—and we spent the rest of the short afternoon dosing in our recliners!!  Dinner was in Yarnell at the Diner with our friends—I was yawning before our dinner was even served!  Bed time came really, really early!!

IMG_1213Sixty-three miles we rode today—that’s a lot of miles and a record for us!!  But let me tell you, it was worth every mile and minute—probably one of the best ATV rides we’ve ever taken—thanks Tom for getting us out there!!  Our destination was Hole In The Wall and a waterfall—we found both and a snake!

IMG_1157Our travels took us through a Joshua tree forest, many of which were blooming.

IMG_1162Past fields of yellow poppies and washes lined with massive, colorful rock walls.IMG_1163IMG_1169Miles and miles from anywhere Tom has a low tire.  I’ve made fun of the cowboy for the paraphernalia he carries on the ATV but I won’t do that any longer after today!!  The cowboy had an air pump powered from the ATV and he had a tire patch kit which got Tom and his ATV a long, long way back toward home!!

IMG_1170IMG_1172Emmi entertaining Larry!

IMG_1178Larry and Geri standing in Hole In The Wall and the waterfall—unfortunately the sun was in the absolute wrong position for getting very good photos.  The water in the pool was a murky green, the vegetation a vivid green—an oasis in the desert!



IMG_1202And then there was the snake—he was big, ugly and had a “coon-tail” according to Fred—plus he was just a tad angry with Tom and Sandy for almost running over him!!

IMG_1210-001The snakes’ head appears from under his curled body and his tail is shown by the other red arrow.  If you are brave, watch the short video—the sound alone is enough to make your toes curl!!

Our day was capped by having a delicious soup prepared by Geri served in their new tent—they laid concrete pavers on the ground and erected a large tent with windows—it was warm and cozy tonight while we had dinner!!

A fabulous day in the Arizona desert!!


  1. That was a great day in the desert. That snake was not happy. Nice short video to prove it.

  2. Would love to see a pic of the tent.....great atv ride but don't like snakes --lways enjoy your adventures

  3. That is a LOT of miles in one day - but I bet water and a lush desert make them fly by. I'm sure Michael was as happy to have the necessary items for the repair as the receiver of the fix!
    That is one impressive rattle!! Those western diamondbacks have such distinct tails, and that one was certainly doing its best to warn you all away.

  4. Good thing nobody stepped on that snake.

  5. Great day yet again ..until the snake !!

  6. Sure sounds like the perfect day:) I'm surprised everyone doesn't carry a repair kit especially with the type area you ride in and how far you go away from civilization. Good thing Michael had what was man! I would love to see a rattle snake just not on the trail, maybe off to the side about ten feet. We've only ever seen that one baby rattler.

  7. A great time except for the snake! I suppose the snake was not that thrilled either:)


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