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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Crested Saguaros, Stanton, Birthday and More Cactus

It was another sunny but cool day in the Arizona desert yesterday.  We were on a mission to show Jill and Terry some crested saguaros and we did indeed find a few out near Stanton.

DSCN0448DSCN0452DSCN0449Emmi hiding from Dad or Dad hiding from Emmi??

Terry is very interested in gold panning and purchased some supplies while here—needless to say he isn’t quitting his day job!  We did stop in Stanton and check out the old buildings—Jill and I thought we would pass on this job opportunity!!


Yesterday was a milestone birthday for Larry—Jill and Terry treated us all to dinner at Nichols West in Congress last night.  Congress is not the community where you would expect to find a five star restaurant but Nichols West is just that!  The owner and his wife had a restaurant in New York City, tired of the rat race, moved to this tiny community, bought and renovated a small building and Nichols West was born.  Back at North Ranch we all crammed into our “no slide” motorhome and enjoyed cake and ice cream. 

A much warmer day greeted us on Jill and Terry’s last day—we took a nice walk out into the desert, had lunch in downtown Wickenburg and toured the most awesome cactus garden—WOW!!!  Al and Kelly had visited this desert oasis a couple weeks ago—it is well worth a stop.  Amazing spotless grounds and strange cactus you won’t see anywhere else! 

DSCN0466DSCN0499Back at home we toured some property with Linda Stevens, the realtor of choice in North Ranch before enjoying happy hour sitting in the sun out behind our rig.  DSCN0505



DSCN0515A Lifesaver Cactus—that lifesaver looking thing is a blossom!! 


DSCN0514Some of the strangest looking cactus, certainly not your normal desert varieties!! 

We’ll take Jill and Terry to the airport tomorrow—we’ve tried to convince them to stay—it seems as if they just arrived!!  It was a great visit with great friends!


  1. I recognized that crested Saguaro. Glad you were able to find it. Yes that cactus garden south of Wickenburg is something else alright. I've never seen such a variety of cactus all in one place like that before. Never knew there was so many different cactus varieties. Another great place to spend some time south of Wickenburg is the Hassayampa Preserve.

  2. Glad they got at least one nice warm day, too bad you couldn't convince them to stay for more! Nope, don't think I'd like the punched and prodded part of the job opening :-( All those unique cacti are wonderful. I'd really enjoy seeing that place, but it would be hard to not pick up a few specimens.

  3. I love cactus in bloom. When I was a little kid we used to go to a Mexican restaurant quite often for dinner. The whole front had a bed of pear cactus. I am sure it was lovely, but those bright red cactus pears made a little five year old what to take a bite. I grabbed one only to learn that cactus have painful spines all over. I don't remember the extraction, but it must have been at least as painful as that first grab. - Margy

  4. Great photos of the various cacti and the beautiful crested saguaro.

    It is quite clear that you guys treated your friends to some great outings. I bet they wish they could hang out at North Ranch a lot longer too.

    My favourite photo? Emmi hiding from Mike...or....vice-verse, as you point out.


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