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Friday, February 27, 2015

Montana Friends

The yellow jeep headed out of North Ranch about 10:30 Friday morning headed for the airport over in Mesa—Gateway to retrieve some friends looking for sunshine and warmth—Terry and Jill.  The cowboy and I were married in Terry and Jill’s house almost 21 years ago and we’ve had many, many good times together—it’s a pleasure to have them come join us in our winter travels. 

DSCN0369After Allegiant Airlines finally decided to off load baggage we headed for Scottsdale and a soon to be gone iconic spot—Greasewood Flats—an outdoor, quirky, legendary Scottsdale spot.  The heirs of the founder of Greasewood Flats were forced to sell the property last year to pay estate taxes and other expenses of the estate—43 acres of Scottsdale sold for $8 million!!!!  Still searching for a new spot to house the restaurant and bar the heirs are finding that type of property difficult to locate! 

DSCN0371DSCN0373DSCN0380You can take the cowboys out of Montana……..

After our delicious hamburgers we headed back out to North Ranch retrieving Emmi from Larry and Geri.  When we drove up Emmi was sitting in Larry’s lap helping him have happy hour!  Jill and Terry are staying in a little park model just up the street from us and after getting settled we walked around the park.  Before they headed off to their little abode for the night we enjoyed a happy hour of our own as none of us was hungry for dinner after those huge hamburgers!!

The weather may or may not deteriorate—depends on which weather forecast you read—we will hope for the best for our Montana friends!


  1. We love taking Allegiant to Mesa because it is nonstop. We will be getting our sun and fun with a spring training trip. Keep the weather sunny and warm for us. - Margy

  2. Sitting outside for a meal must have been a big treat for folks from the north! Wow, the city got a great deal on those acres - Scottsdale land is like gold I've heard. Hope they find a new spot to reopen :-) Having the park models for guests is a real bonus! Hope your weather cooperates.

  3. It will be sad to see Greasewood Flats vacate the Scottsdale site. Nice spot for your friends to enjoy a good outdoor hamburger.

  4. Funny how those cowboys gravitate to tractors.

  5. Oh what a nice treat for your friends from the north! Ahhhh escape!

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  6. Nice to have such good friends from home come down for a visit. Used to be a hamburger at lunch was just a snack....but now, it's a full day's meal.


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