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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Goodbyes, Garage Sale and Wool

How’s that for a mish mash title!  Kelly and Al recently made their travel plans known—they are departing Congress Monday or Tuesday.  We ran into Kelly at the North Ranch garage sale on Saturday and hatched plans for a goodbye get together.  Jim and Bev, Caryl and Jerry, Ellie and Jim, Al and Kelly joined Michael and me at Mike and Pat’s yesterday afternoon. 

Oh, yea, I forgot to tell you, we are back at North Ranch—we rode ATVs with the gang in Salome on Friday driving back over to Congress Friday afternoon late.  Saturday morning was the North Ranch semi-annual garage sale.  I found no treasures but my dear cowboy came home with a huge roll of wire for the solar system and he was off again.  He hasn’t configured the trailer (our solar system is on the roof of the trailer) for plugging in the motorhome to the trailer and we haven’t purchased any new batteries.  We have been running the little refrigerator in the trailer off the solar system using two old batteries we brought from home.

Well, the cowboy hit the mother lode on one of his garage sale forays--

IMG_0258You have to admire his creative way of getting the batteries home without coming for the jeep!  He got seven batteries—each less than 3 years old—FREE!!!  When tested with the volt meter every battery tested well!  To say the cowboy was elated is an understatement!!  A house recently sold here in North Ranch—one half of the couple had died, the other was in a nursing home I think and their children were cleaning out the house—they had been through the house taking items they wished to keep, everything else was all FREE! 

Now for wool—I started a little project a short time ago—It’s A Dog’s Life by Lynette Anderson.  I chose to make the little quilt using cotton fabric for the background and wools for the applique.  DSCN0540I’m ready to do the tree block and wanted to use greens—well my stash of green wool was lacking so to the computer I went and found these beautiful wools at a good price from Winterberry Cabin.  When the wools arrived I was thrilled—gorgeous colors, soft—perfect!


I spent a good portion of the day in my lounger reading and people watching—a good Sunday in the desert!


  1. Nothing like a woolie out in the desert!! haha I'm drooling over your purchase...the wool that is! I'm sure the batteries are great too! :o)

  2. Love your quilt!! Free batteries that! Great find!

  3. Good thing you weren't still in Salome - those batteries are a great score! Serendipity at its best :-) Lovely colors, can't wait to see the final piece. Seeing that peaceful sunset it's hard to envision people to watch.

  4. Love the Dog's Life quilt & the wool is gorgeous! Please post more pics when it is finished & hanging.

  5. Love that quilt! I'm kinda glad Bill didn't go to that yard sale.... he'd have drooled over those batteries and we don't even need them.

  6. Talk about the right place at the right time for those batteries!~! SCORE!
    and great on the wool pieces, they look like you can do a lot of greens now to finish!
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard


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