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Sunday, June 29, 2014


It was so cold this morning jackets were required attire for our walk—the wind was cold and howling.  Yep, it’s almost July in Montana.  I think by the end of this week we should see some 80 degree temps—I’m ready!!

Mom and Chuck arrived about 10am this morning—it sure was good to see them!  I think I’ve mentioned Mom is spending the summer cooking for a dude ranch over in Ennis, MT—a ranch where she cooked while my Dad was still alive.  The ranch has not had guests for several years and now the granddaughter and her husband are giving it a go asking Mom to return as their cook.  Chuck is helping out at the ranch and is also driving a fly fishing/rafting shuttle—all that training Rollie gave him is paying off!! Smile

We enjoyed a great visit and a wonderful Sunday lunch—pork tenderloin, smashed potatoes, melon salad and some more of that to die for coffee/dark chocolate homemade ice cream.  Nat was to have joined us but was feeling a little under the weather.

After Mom and Chuck left to head back to Ennis the cowboy mounted a tractor and started to cut hay.  I mowed the grass and played ball with the pooch.  About 5:30 I retrieved Michael and we headed over to the West Boulder.  He wanted to check on his road project to make sure it was dry enough for a gravel delivery tomorrow—it is.  It’s such a beautiful drive—saw this little family:



Life is good!


  1. Sounds like an enjoyable day.

  2. How great that Mom can help out the next generation at a place she is familiar with. I'm sure her being there will help the kids get on their feet. That ice cream still sounds waaaay too good :-)

  3. It must be nice to have your mom close by for the next while.

    It is clear that you are due for some nice summer weather.

  4. It'll be interesting to see how the new dude ranch works out. It's gotta be time for some hot weather in Montana - it's July almost!!

  5. We're truly surprised to find how good life is. :)


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